UNTHA shredders demonstrate 88,000 hours of reliability

Kuchl, 02.09.2015

The city of Schwedt is one of the largest paper centres in Germany with four paper mills. Paper production consumes enormous amounts of energy, which resulted in the construction and operation of an alternative fuel plant in Schwedt. The facility has been in operation since 2010 and utilizes 300,000 tons of alternative fuels (RDF) annually.

To give you an idea of size: every year, the facility generates approx. 140,000 MWh of power and 700,000 MWh of process steam; operating the thermal waste treatment plant replaces approx. 90 million (!) litres of fuel oil annually; and every week, several thousand tons of alternative fuel consisting of household and commercial waste are delivered. The prepared fuel is air injected into the circulating fluidised combustion bed and ignited. The heat energy generated in this process creates high-pressure steam in a water-steam circuit that powers a turbine with downstream generator. In a cogeneration process, the electricity is generated and the steam for the papermaking is simultaneously decoupled.

"The thermal treatment facility is a sensitive system. The perfect treatment of alternative fuels is the be-all and end-all," reports Uwe Sachs, Master in Machine Technology. This is exactly where three UNTHA XR 2000S shredding machines come in with their reliability. The machines run 24 hours a day, seven days a week with an availability of 97 %. The maintenance intervals are three weeks. This means that every machine is scheduled for eight hours of maintenance every three weeks to have the indexable cutters rotated or replaced, and if required, to have the secondary cutting bar replaced.

"When revising and repairing the machines as part of our scheduled downtimes, UNTHA has proven to be a competent and flexible service partner. The same applies for UNTHA helping us solve any issues arising in operation."


Application Profile

- The shredding of loose household, industrial and commercial waste

- Density: < 100 kg/m³

- Size: 100 to 300 mm

- Throughput capacity: 18 t/h

- Final fraction/output size: < 120 to 350 mm



- Robust machine and screen bar construction

- Integrated hydraulic flap for effectively removing foreign material

- User-friendly touch screen operation, with simple and easy menu navigation

- Short replacement times for cutting tools

- Long maintenance intervals thanks to an automatic central lubrication system