Austrian innovation takes waste shredding solution mobile

Kuchl, 27.01.2016

Globally renowned engineering specialist UNTHA has launched the world’s first electrically-driven mobile shredder following extensive successful trials across Europe.


Footwear to Energy

Kuchl, 19.01.2016

In developing countries within South East Asia, ever-depleting landfill space, fast-growing populations and an increasing need for more concrete to build, are just some of the factors that make for a compelling alternative fuel production argument.


New UNTHA website

Kuchl, 21.12.2015

Modern, user-friendly, informative: The new UNTHA shredding technology website has gone online!


New shredding operation boosts SRF production capabilities in South Korea

Boroughbridge, 07.12.2015

A new Solid Recovered Fuel (SRF) production facility is now fully operational in Wonju city, South Korea, thanks to the expertise of global shredding firm UNTHA and local partner PERITUS.


UNTHA - Successfully ISO 9001-certified

Kuchl, 13.11.2015

UNTHA shredding technology is now ISO-9001 certified. This international standard attests to the fact that all processes in the company are constantly monitored and thus are subject to continuous improvement.


UNTHA shredders demonstrate 88,000 hours of reliability

Kuchl, 02.09.2015

Reliable solutions tend to be the most cost-effective over the long run. UNTHA shredding solutions – still going strong even after five years in operation and 88,000 operating hours.


SRF production with UNTHA shredders in Vietnam

Kuchl, 05.08.2015

Work is underway to commission a Solid Recovered Fuel (SRF) manufacturing plant in Vietnam, for one of the world’s leading cement and aggregates specialists, Holcim.


RDF production at Delete Oy - a case study

Kuchl, 27.07.2015

When environmental services specialist Delete needed a new alternative fuel production system for its site in Tampere, central Finland, the €100million turnover company turned to Austrian-based UNTHA.


Biogen invests in fleet of seven UNTHA food waste shredders for AD

Boroughbridge, 27.07.2015

Biogen has recently invested in two new UNTHA RS40 shredders, to support the company’s rapidly expanding anaerobic digestion operations within the UK. Interested to discover what the AD specialist thinks of UNTHA’s shredding technology, we got chatting to a Biogen spokesperson…


Waste to Energy Analysis

Kuchl, 08.07.2015

The manufacturing of SRF in a single pass is not a new concept. However, with the environmental efficacy of alternative fuel production under seemingly increasing scrutiny, a one-step process is of growing importance, believes Peter Streinik, Head of Business Unit Waste at UNTHA.