The smarter way to shred files and data

The reliable destruction of information set down on paper (files, documents etc.) ensures that your sensitive and confidential data cannot get into the hands of third parties - irrelevant of whether this concerns your own internal data or that of your customers.

With the aid of our tried and tested four-shaft confidential waste shredder we guarantee the secure and uncompromising destruction of your data pursuant to the most recent DIN 66399 standard!

Find the right shredder

Find the right shredder

Our shredders for files & data


Reliable and secure

If you are looking for an industrial confidential waste shredder, you are in good hands with us. Depending on the protection class you need, the security level, and the type of data storage media being processed, we can offer you customized shredding solutions with throughput rates of up to a maximum of 8 t/h. Our robust four-shaft shredders have proven their worth in secure file and data destruction.

DEKRA, the independent certification body, has confirmed through an expert assessment that our industrial confidential waste shredders fulfil the most recent DIN 66399-2 safety standard (destruction systems for files and data carriers). Due to the high flexibility of the four-shaft shredding machines, different materials such as electronic data carriers, files, optical data storage media etc. can be securely shredded in compliance with the DIN 66399-2 standard. 

Our RS class confidential waste shredders reliably shred P-1, P-2, P-3 and P-4 safety level documents. Different perforated strainers which are easy to change also ensure that you are ideally prepared for future market requirements.


Everything from a single source

We offer you the best possible shredding solution from a single source - individual and tailored specifically to your requirements. 

  • Competent engineers will design an entire confidential waste shredder system for you - starting with the conceptualisation, right up to commissioning along with all required peripheral devices.

  • You will receive a turnkey, complete system and have just one contact for your enquiries.

  • The compact construction of these industrial confidential waste shredders even makes it possible for you to install them into a truck. In this way, you are also optimally equipped for the mobile destruction of your customer’s data on-site.

  • Numerous international customers place their trust in our solution-finding competence regarding reliable, industrial confidential waste shredding.

See how we shred documents
See how we shred documents
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Further materials

Further materials

Discover the full range of possible materials
Paper & cardboard

You can shred waste paper, cardboard and also entire paper rolls using our shredders, and thus recycle them at a profit.

Paper & cardboard
Pulper ropes

Pulper ropesaccumulate during the production of paper - or, more precisely, during the recycling of waste paper. Half of these so-called rejects generally consist of metal, which is why their processing is particularly arduous and challenging.

Pulper ropes
Electronic waste (WEEE)

Electronic scrap comprises old electrical and electronic devices, as well as components of these which can no longer be used.

Electronic waste
Product destruction

Professional destruction and recycling of waste from manufacturing processes is carried out in the highly sensitive field of product destruction.

Product destruction
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