The smarter way to shred waste wood

Waste wood is a valuable resource which accumulates in large quantities, and - depending on its quality - can be recycled to recover materials or produce energy.

Rising disposal costs and growing environmental awareness mean that waste wood recycling is consistently increasing in significance. Our shredders are optimally equipped for the purpose.

Find the right shredder

Find the right shredder

Our shredders for waste wood
Input materials

Input materials

Which types of waste wood can be shredded?
Demolition wood

Demolition wood includes all waste wood from interior and exterior fittings, constructional timber and all sorts of mixed ranges. Our innovative XR wood shredder is particularly well-adapted for the shredding of waste and demolition wood.

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Specific characteristics

In general, the term waste wood is used to describe all wood and wood materials which have come to the end of their useful life, and are therefore consigned to the waste. Thanks to waste wood processing, however, it can be recycled again in an economical and expedient way. During processing, the waste wood is shredded and separated from other materials, usually metal. Depending on their classification, the wood chips thus produced can then be recycled to recover materials or produce energy.

  • For the recovery of materials, the shredded wood is used as a raw material for the production of chipboard or other wood materials.

  • For thermal utilisation, the wood chips produced are used as a high-quality fuel in biomass or co-generation plants.


The solution

We offer innovative and economically-viable single-stage shredders for the processing of waste wood in the classes A1 to A4.

  • Thanks to the optional magnet separator, foreign objects can be separated from the wood chips immediately after shredding.

  • Low operating costs, extremely low fines and reliable resistance to extraneous materials with simultaneous high performance are only a few of the success factors which put UNTHA machines ahead of the rest.

Our reliable shredders for waste wood processing offer you a throughput of up to 40 t/h < 100 mm. Our specially designed waste wood package consists of indexable inserts that may be reversed up to 4 times and perforated screens with chip breakers, ensuring a long service life and a particularly homogeneous final product without excess lengths. In addition, the quick-change screen system makes it easy to swap the perforated screen when a new input material is introduced.

They are also available as stationary or mobile shredder designs. Thanks to the low dust and noise pollution, employees, local residents and the environment also profit from our shredding solutions.

Further materials

Further materials

Discover the full range of possible materials
Paper & cardboard

You can shred waste paper, cardboard and also entire paper rolls using our shredders, and thus recycle them at a profit.

Paper & cardboard
Pulper ropes

Pulper ropesaccumulate during the production of paper - or, more precisely, during the recycling of waste paper. Half of these so-called rejects generally consist of metal, which is why their processing is particularly arduous and challenging.

Pulper ropes

Pallets and wood packaging are an essential component in the transportation and storage of stackable goods as well as heavy and valuable objects.

Commercial & industrial waste

Commercial and industrial waste is collected separately according to the respective components before being processed and reintroduced into the raw material cycle (recycling), or recovered for thermal recycling or for energetic utilisation (substitute fuels).

C&I waste
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