The smarter way to shred organic waste

Organic waste comprises all biological waste accumulated in households, gardens or agricultural or commercial or industrial operations which can be decomposed by micro-organisms, soil organisms and enzymes.

Our shredders process biological and biogenic waste to generate an optimal substrate for further utilisation in your biogas plant or in your disposal business.

Find the right shredder

Find the right shredder

Our shredders for organic waste

The ideal shredder for all applications

The application area for our shredders range from green or garden waste to food waste and expired goods including packaging to slaughterhouse waste. Packaged, non-homogeneous or organic waste in pieces must be shredded to prepare it optimally for the fermentation process.

Our low-speed RS series waste shredders are ideally suited for this application.

  • These four-shaft shredders ensure reliable processing and guarantee a pumpable fermentation substrate. 

  • Thanks to the special equipment, efficient cutting unit and sturdy machine construction, these shredders are very reliable and have a long service life.

Input materials

Input materials

Which types of biological waste can be shredded?
Expired goods with and without packaging

Goods whose “best-by” date has passed are usually destroyed. A shredder that is specially designed for this application is required to do this efficiently and reliably. The UNTHA 4-shaft technology provides the ideal solution to separate foodstuffs from their packaging. The downstream separation technology then easily removes the packaging.



Specific characteristics and challenges

Let’s take a closer look at the waste application areas of expired goods, organic waste, restaurant and catering company waste, slaughterhouse waste and green or garden waste.

Goods on which the best-before date has expired are usually destroyed.

  • A shredding machine particularly designed for this application is required to execute this task efficiently and reliably.

  • The UNTHA four-shaft technology provides the ideal solution to separate the foodstuffs from their packaging.

  • The downstream separation technology easily sorts the packaging from the foodstuffs.

During the processing of organic waste from organic waste bins, it must be optimally processed ready for the fermentation process.

  • Our low-speed RS shredder is ideal for this type of shredding. It reliably and efficiently processes the organic waste, thereby guaranteeing a pumpable fermentation substrate.

  • The fermentation residues left after recycling organic waste are mainly used as fertiliser.

  • Waste from restaurants and catering companies is often used for the production of biogas. 


Green or garden waste and slaughterhouse waste

In the case of garden cuttings, and for further processing into humus, any plant waste, wood, branches, bushes, small trunks and garden waste is first shredded.

  • We also offer machines for waste shredding solutions specifically designed for your application case.

  • Woody components of green waste can be recycled for energy purposes, for example as fuels in biomass plants.

For slaughterhouse waste, slaughter by-products and animal cadavers from poultry, pig and cattle farming, the requirement is to be able to process these organic substances into meat-and-bone-meal and fat.

  • Our waste shredders are characterised by their high performance and sturdy construction. They feature special seals and have no trouble processing even very hard bones.

  • We also offer additional equipment versions and are able to optimally adapt the shredder to your requirements.

Further materials

Further materials

Discover the full range of possible materials

Due to their varying material structure, mattresses are difficult to shred and/or recycle. Which is why they are often simply thrown away rather than being put to any further profitable use.


The generated plastic waste can be recycled through shredding, washing and subsequent generation of granulate to produce a recyclable material (for the recovery of materials or energetic utilisation).

Paper & cardboard

You can shred waste paper, cardboard and also entire paper rolls using our shredders, and thus recycle them at a profit.

Paper & cardboard
Medical & hazardous waste

Medical and other hazardous waste consists of very different types of waste and requires special treatment on disposal due to the partially infectious and partially highly contaminated materials.

Medical & hazardous waste
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