The smarter way to shred electronic waste

Electronic scrap comprises old electrical and electronic devices, as well as components of these which can no longer be used.

Electronic scrap is divided into various categories depending on its size and type of use. These devices contain valuable raw materials such as iron, aluminium and copper, but also precious metals such as gold and silver.

Find the right shredder

Find the right shredder

Our electronic scrap shredders


Specific characteristics and solutions

More than 40 million tons of electrical and electronic scrap are generated annually – and the trend is growing dramatically! UNTHA’s customized solutions enable you to efficiently shred electronic scrap in your recycling facility and they align perfectly with your recycling system.

The low-speed four-shaft shredders in particular are especially well suited for processing electronic scrap.

  • The low speed ensures that circuit boards and old devices are carefully shredded with low emissions.

  • The granulate size is adjusted so that metals and non-metals can be separated and recycled as efficiently as possible.

  • The processed material is ideally suited for electronic scrap recycling machines, and subsequently for cutting facilities where precious metals are separated from their impurities. 

The WEEE directive regulates how electronic scrap is disposed of within the EU. Generally, manufacturers of electronic scrap recycling systems are obligated to accept their electronic scrap and to dispose of it professionally.

Re-use of the devices or their individual components is considered the most environmentally-friendly form of recycling. The material recycling of any metals or plastics requires an efficient shredding technology which is capable of recovering as much as possible out of accumulated electronic scrap.

Input materials

Input materials

Which types of electronics waste can be shredded?
WEEE / Electronic scrap

The shredded and processed electronic scrap is sorted into its various components by downstream separation technology to recover valuable recyclable fractions. Our e-scrap shredders are first choice for a careful processing of electronic scrap with a low content of fine particulate matter.


Different application areas for our shredders

In the case of WEEE/electronic scrap, the shredded and processed material is sorted into its various components by downstream separation technology to recover valuable resources. Our rotary shears are the top choice for the careful processing of electronic scrap with a low content of fine particulate matter

  • In the case of small household appliances and IT products such as hard drives, plug-in cards, computers, CD disk drives and CPUs, the old devices are processed in various shredding and separation stages in order to generate marketable fractions. 

  • Our customers in the field of refrigerator recycling trust in our reliable shredding machines. Professional recycling is particularly important for older devices which contain CFCs. Our rotary shears are used for shredding cooling units. They convince clients through their sturdiness, low speed, low maintenance expenditure and compact design. 

  • Circuit boards and computer circuit boards may contain a large amount of precious metals depending on their design. It is possible to recover these valuable precious metals by scrapping and sorting them, and through subsequent chemical treatment. You can also benefit from our low-speed rotary shears that are successfully used for recycling circuit boards thanks to their sturdiness and very low emission levels.

We are happy to define further application possibilities in collaboration with you.

Further materials

Further materials

Discover the full range of possible materials
Hard drives

Simply erasing hard drives prior to disposal is no longer an option, as the information can easily be retrieved by third parties. Only the mechanical destruction of hard drives can guarantee security to 100%.

Hard drives
Commercial & industrial waste

Commercial and industrial waste is collected separately according to the respective components before being processed and reintroduced into the raw material cycle (recycling), or recovered for thermal recycling or for energetic utilisation (substitute fuels).

C&I waste
Bulky waste

Bulky waste contains many different and valuable resources which can be recovered and reintroduced into the raw material cycle through good material preparation and the correct system technology.

Bulky waste
Product destruction

Professional destruction and recycling of waste from manufacturing processes is carried out in the highly sensitive field of product destruction.

Product destruction
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