Shredding of problematic materials

Our shredders are perfectly suited for chemically aggressive material in your hospital waste, as well as other hazardous waste.

After the shredding process, the material can be optimally utilised thermally, or disposed of together with normal waste subsequent to being sterilised.

The shredding is so efficient that the granulate does not give any indications of the source material.

Find the right shredder

Find the right shredder

Our shredders for medical & hazardous waste


Specific characteristics

Medical and other hazardous waste consists of very different types of waste and requires special treatment on disposal due to the partially infectious and partially highly contaminated materials.

  • Depending on the waste type or classification, the hospital itself might have to specially treat the waste or store it in special plastic containers or drums on-site.

  • In particular in times of crisis, such as the SARS-CoV-2 or COVID-19 pandemic currently dominating our lives, larger amounts of special waste accumulate outside hospitals and doctors’ surgeries.

  • For example, testing lines and laboratories produce a substantial quantity of medical waste, which requires safe and above all reliable disposal.


The solution

In addition to typical hospital waste, there is also a series of other hazardous types of waste which must be efficiently and safely destroyed.

  • These types of waste range from workshop waste to used oil filters.

  • During the disposal process for hazardous waste, our shredders ensure the safe destruction of all contaminated materials.

Our four-shaft shredders have proven their worth multiple times in shredding applications for medical and hazardous waste. Our customers particularly value the high operating reliability and the low emissions, which in turn benefit the environment.

The shredded material can, thanks to subsequent sterilisation, be used either as a substitute fuel or disposed of together with normal everyday waste.

Further materials

Further materials

Discover the full range of possible materials
Rubber & tyres

Rubber waste, and scrap tyres in particular, are a major problem worldwide. Every year, around one billion used tyres need to be disposed of, with the lion’s share being dumped in landfill sites. 

Rubber & tyres
Commercial & industrial waste

Commercial and industrial waste is collected separately according to the respective components before being processed and reintroduced into the raw material cycle (recycling), or recovered for thermal recycling or for energetic utilisation (substitute fuels).

C&I waste
Product destruction

Professional destruction and recycling of waste from manufacturing processes is carried out in the highly sensitive field of product destruction.

Product destruction
Pulper ropes

Pulper ropesaccumulate during the production of paper - or, more precisely, during the recycling of waste paper. Half of these so-called rejects generally consist of metal, which is why their processing is particularly arduous and challenging.

Pulper ropes
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