Subsidiary UNTHA Germany became 100 percent part of the company group with February 1, 2024

UNTHA shredding technology fully acquires German business

Austrian-headquartered UNTHA shredding technology has announced the 100% acquisition of UNTHA Germany – in the same month the company reveals €98m global orders from the last financial year. Over 500 single, two and four shaft UNTHA shredders are already installed throughout the country – not to mention the wider DACH region. But in response to rising demand, UNTHA’s investment in people and infrastructure will support the goal to drive 50% growth in Germany alone, over the next three years.


UNTHA is no stranger to the German market. Since the 1990s, a dedicated distribution partner has driven a local brand presence there. Using the UNTHA Germany name, the team began to build its reputation throughout the country, particularly when developing sophisticated shredding systems for difficult applications, including production waste, data destruction, e-scrap, nuclear waste, and more.

In fact, as a result of this brand growth, UNTHA became a minority shareholder in the firm in 2014, before investing incrementally in more of the company, in the years that followed. This led to the creation of two separate entities – a machine sales business, and URT Umwelt- und Recyclingtechnik GmbH, a specialist engineering firm with expertise in complex refrigeration and e-scrap recycling plants. Everything at URT remains unchanged, with the successful plant designer a continued independent partner of UNTHA Germany. But the shredder sales business is now 100% owned by UNTHA shredding technology.

UNTHA shredding technology’s CFO Andrea Gratzer, and head of global sales and business development Peter Streinik, have become UNTHA Germany’s managing directors. Long-standing colleague Daniel Wresnik – who has been with UNTHA since 2009 – has been promoted to sales director. And Alex Hofmann – who has represented UNTHA in Germany for over 25 years – has been promoted to operations director, with senior responsibility for technical sales support, application engineering, after sales, marketing, and more. There are plans to recruit an additional two colleagues no later than summer, taking the team to 15.

Commenting on the development of the UNTHA Germany brand, Peter Streinik said:

“Globally, we’re known for being shredding pioneers – a business that isn’t afraid of challenging customer requirements. Technical excellence is in our DNA, and our colleagues in Germany represent this perfectly. They’ve been very active in the market since the early 1990s – a level of experience you don’t typically see from competitors. It’s the perfect time to ‘officially’ bring them into the UNTHA group.”

“As our growth continues – not just throughout Europe but overseas – it’s important we respond to market requirements and, importantly, customer demand. From small standalone recycling machines to single and two-step waste processing lines, plus complex systems created alongside a range of specialist plant designers, we can now deliver all of this in Germany – with outstanding, local aftersales support too.”

Andrea Gratzer continued:

“Investment here doesn’t just represent growth for our business – it will drive progressive change for the wider industry too. Because UNTHA Germany is now part of our group, customers benefit from faster lines of communication, direct access to our innovation team, more responsive support, and local expertise. This leads to grater operational success and, ultimately, profitability.”

“It’s all part of our ‘think global, act local’ strategy, which sees our brand continue to grow in multiple territories worldwide.”

UNTHA shredding technology’s story began in 1970, in Salzburg – which remains home to the company’s HQ over 50 years later. Today, the company employs circa 500 people, with over 10,000 shredders installed across six continents.

Pictures for download (Reprint free of charge for press purposes, photo credits: UNTHA shredding technology GmbH):

Image 1: The UNTHA Deutschland GmbH team at the company site in Karlstadt

Image 2: Alex Hofmann, authorized signatory, Peter Streinik and Andrea Gratzer, management, and Daniel Wresnik, sales manager at UNTHA Germany GmbH

Image 3: Sales team of UNTHA Deutschland GmbH

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