Innovative augers for UNTHA wood shredders

UNTHA develops new solution for transporting wood chips

Robust technology, safe handling, easy maintenance and low cost: the main advantages of the new transport solution for wood chips!


In addition to providing classic shredding solutions, shredding specialist UNTHA has also positioned itself as the one-stop-shop for system solutions for woodworking and timber-processing businesses. The company has now added a rigid auger for all its wood shredders to its portfolio, yet another sign of its commitment to continuous innovation.

What makes this new auger so special is its lateral connection to the shredder’s material transfer point. The wood chips are taken to the auger horizontally instead of vertically via a chute, which means that the shredder itself requires a much lower height. Feeding the residual wood into the shredder is safe and easy, thanks to the low filling edge.

The drive unit is mounted at the bottom of the auger. As it is close to the ground, it is easy to reach and service.The gradient angle of the auger can be up to 90°, depending on individual requirements, and the material may be transported over a distance of up to 10 metres. The auger is ideal for locations where space is tight or where large volumes have to be transported over short distances.

Thanks to its closed system, dust formation is minimal, and the unit is quiet and doesn’t require much maintenance. In addition, the machine is not susceptible towards shredded metal parts such as nails or screws. Upon request, UNTHA can provide a complete monitoring system, including electronic protection and automated shut-off in case the wood chip depository gets overfilled.

Novelty at the “Holz 2022” in Basel

The new UNTHA auger will be presented for the first time at the “Holz 2022” that will take place in Basel from 11 until 15 October 2022, in combination with the LR1400 wood shredder. At the stand of Ineichen, the Swiss distribution partner of many years (hall 1.0, stand B20), visitors can see for themselves what benefits the new conveyor system has to offer. The UNTHA experts are available right at the stand and offer customised advice on everything related to the shredding of residual wood.

UNTHA, specialist for complete solutions

Seamless transport of the wood chips by means of customised conveyor technology is indispensable for the efficient operation of the entire system. UNTHA wood shredders are compatible with peripheral devices provided by the customer, facilitating integration into existing production or recycling plants. In addition to discharge belts and augers, UNTHA also offers other accessories, for instance metal separators, that can be adapted to the individual location and to the desired throughput of the shredder. Thanks to its extensive product portfolio and complete solutions, UNTHA is able to provide the right shredding system for any requirement. All UNTHA machines come with a declaration of incorporation and CE marking, guaranteeing compliance with all relevant EU standards and directives.

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