Energy efficient waste shredder for Saubermacher Dienstleistungs AG

Saubermacher Dienstleistungs AG, based in Feldkirchen, Graz has opted for a waste shredding solution provided by UNTHA. The international waste disposal and recycling company is confident that the XR3000C will be fully able to meet its challenging requirements for the single-stage processing of commercial and household waste.


At a sorting plant in Vienna, the Styrian waste and recycling company Saubermacher separates commercial and household waste into valuable refuse derived fuels for the cement industry. The international private waste management company had challenging demands which needed to be fulfilled when choosing the new waste shredder. Saubermacher has found the ideal partner in UNTHA, the producer of shredding systems based in Kuchl, near Salzburg.

UNTHA XR3000C fulfils the highest demands

For Saubermacher Dienstleistungs AG, the main requirement was that the refuse-derived fuel should have a particle size of less than 80 mm and be produced by means of a single-stage shredding process, rather than a two-stage shredding process with coarse and fine shredding. A particular challenge when choosing a shredding machine was that it had to be resistant to extraneous materials. Here, the XR3000C comes into its own, with its robust construction and ruggedness in the presence of extraneous materials. On an almost hourly basis, dense foreign objects find their way into the cutting chamber, and these can be easily and swiftly removed by means of the foreign object diversion system. As the machine operates 24 hours per day, high reliability is particularly important.  

A further requirement was that the new shredding machine should be able to deal with a throughput of at least 20 tonnes per hour.

Thanks to an innovative drive concept, the power consumption of the XR3000C is 50 % lower than electro-hydraulic drive systems. “The high energy efficiency meets our targets as regards sustainability. The concept has proven itself. We have been able to significantly reduce our power consumption”, says Gerhard Ziehenberger, Saubermacher’s COO. This is made possible by the use of the latest synchronous motors, which make the “UNTHA Eco Drive” one of the most energy-efficient drive systems on the market.

In addition to the high throughput and high energy efficiency of the XR3000C, this machine also stands out for its ease of maintenance and repair. Operating personnel are able to work conveniently, quickly and safely. In addition, maintenance costs are kept low, as almost no operating materials such as hydraulic fluid are used.

Pioneering shredding solutions

For UNTHA, it is particularly important to focus on the individual requirements of their customers and to provide an optimal all-round service. For UNTHA Sales Manager Daniel Wresnik, it is UNTHA’s precise customisation of shredding solutions in keeping with the customer’s needs which has been one of the company’s great successes. “For a big player like Saubermacher, it was this – in conjunction with our capacity for innovation and our energy-efficient drive solutions – which proved to be the decisive factors”, declared Wresnik.

UNTHA’s in-house research and development department and the UNTHA Test Center are a guarantee for inspiring and pioneering shredding solutions. Numerous innovations, patents and awards attest to their leading role in the area of shredding technology. Ziehenberger: "With its shredding plants and innovative drive concepts and solutions, UNTHA has developed great products. That’s what convinced us.”

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