UNTHA XR3000RC: a single cutting system for many applications

Breitsamer Entsorgung & Recycling GmbH uses UNTHA shredders to process waste into alternative fuels for the cement industry and for heating plants as well as for the production of recycling material. At the company’s Munich site, the UNTHA XR3000RC shredder is in operation both as a mobil-e and a stationary unit. With the unique RC cutting system, these shredders process a wide range of materials, such as waste wood, bulky waste and mixed construction waste.

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The services offered by Breitsamer Entsorgung & Recycling GmbH include recycling consulting, the production of alternative fuels, the processing of waste wood and the handling of hazardous waste. The goal is to use 100 % of available resources, thus making an important contribution to the closed-loop economy and the careful handling of resources. UNTHA shredders support Breitsamer in this endeavour: They are energy-efficient, reliable, and suitable for processing even the most challenging materials.

Recycling and alternative fuel production

Breitsamer shifts approximately 200,000 tonnes of commercial waste, construction waste and recyclable materials every year. Waste wood, bulky waste and mixed construction waste are shredded on the premises using UNTHA machines. Waste wood is made into chipboard for furniture production or used for thermal recovery in biomass plants. Bulky waste and mixed construction waste are made into alternative fuels, which are then used in cement plants, to give just one example.

XR3000RC: suitable for a wide range of applications

When selecting a new shredder, Breitsamer sets great store by criteria such as a single-phase shredding process, a highly homogeneous output material with a small share of excess lengths, and outstanding energy efficiency. Before committing, the company was given the opportunity to test the UNTHA XR from all angles: “UNTHA gave us an XR3000RC for a long-term test run. During this period, we were able to test the machine with different materials and perforated screens. The tests showed that the XR with the RC cutting system fulfils all expectations”, says Thomas Breitsamer, Technical Manager of Breitsamer Entsorgung & Recycling GmbH.

The UNTHA XR3000RC is particularly powerful and therefore a good option for processing challenging material streams. The RC cutting chamber was specially developed for shredding different materials such as commercial, industrial and bulky waste, waste wood, pallets, production and plastics waste. In addition, it is perfect for high throughputs of up to 70 tonnes per hour. The unique shape of the blades makes for a highly efficient material feed. The rotor of the XR3000RC runs with a low speed, making the shredder extremely resilient towards non-shreddables. Energy efficiency was another key factor. Thanks to water-cooled synchronous motors – the UNTHA Eco Power Drive – the XR3000RC is up to 75 percent more energy-efficient than comparable diesel-powered shredders. Depending on the material and the purpose of the recovery process, the shredder may be fitted with different perforated screens, shredding the material down to a fraction size from 100 to 300 mm. Thanks to an electrically operated crawler-type undercarriage, the XR3000RC mobil-e may be moved to any position on the premises or the workshop areas, if required.

Live demos and long-term tests

“With our live demos, we are giving potential buyers the opportunity to really put our shredders through the paces. During the test run, we are available for questions and support and we can also adapt the shredder to fit their requirements. This means that all our customers can find the shredding solution that is right for them and rest assured that they are making the best possible choice", says Daniel Wresnik, Team Leader XR Sales & Demonstrations DACH Region.

Before a demo or test run, customer requirements and wishes are meticulously recorded. Based on this data, a suitable shredding solution for the customer is found. The shredder is then taken to the customer’s premises for the pre-defined duration of the test run, using different materials, perforated screens and settings. Customers thus have the chance to see for themselves just how impressive and high-performing UNTHA shredders are.

Images for download (reproduction for press purposes free of charge, image credit: UNTHA shredding technology GmbH): https://untha.canto.de/b/KGD55

Images 1+2: Suitable for a wide range of applications: The UNTHA XR3000RC shreds waste wood, bulky waste and mixed construction waste at Breitsamer Entsorgung & Recycling GmbH

Images 3+4: At Breitsamer Entsorgung & Recycling GmbH, the XR3000RC shreds waste wood for alternative fuel or chipboard production.

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