UNTHA continues on expansion course

Takeover of important control engineering supplier

UNTHA shredding technology GmbH, premium manufacturer of industrial shredding solutions, has been purchasing control engineering services and components for its shredders from SW Automatisierung GmbH for over 40 years. To fulfil the growing demand for individual shredding solutions and safeguard industry-specific expertise in the long run, UNTHA acquired the electrical engineering division of SW Automatisierung GmbH and renamed it UNTHA e-technology GmbH. Felix Grünwald and Andrea Gratzer are in charge of the newly founded subsidiary.

Führungsteam UNTHA e-technology Hero

“With the foundation of UNTHA e-technology GmbH, we have merged two businesses that have really been part of the same thing for decades. By integrating the electrical engineering division of SW Automatisierung GmbH into UNTHA shredding technology GmbH, we have become even more independent, which will help us expand our leading position in environmental technology further,” says Andrea Gratzer, CFO of UNTHA shredding technology GmbH and Managing Director of UNTHA e-technology GmbH.

More security and independence

As a fully-fledged subsidiary, UNTHA e-technology GmbH is now part of the UNTHA Group. 78 specialised employees ensure that all shredders are fitted with innovative control solutions, taking care of production and further development as well as customer service. “I am glad that part of SW now belongs to the UNTHA Group as UNTHA e-technology. Thanks to this connection, we will be able to cooperate even more closely in Research and development and thus boost our innovative power,” says Felix Grünwald, Managing Director of UNTHA e-technology GmbH.

UNTHA has been using the UNTHA GENIUS intelligent monitoring system in some of its shredders for several years, with great success. Sensors monitor the operation of the shredders on an ongoing basis. The data collected is evaluated by UNTHA GENIUS in real time and made available to the operator as well as UNTHA. The data is used to increase productivity throughout the plant, reduce downtimes and significantly reduce operating cost. “Electrical engineering and digitisation play an important role for UNTHA, especially with regard to the further development of UNTHA GENIUS. As a mechanical engineering company, we also require extensive knowledge in the field of control technology to ensure our competitiveness in the long run. Founding UNTHA e-technology GmbH was thus a logical as well as a necessary step,” says Alois Kitzberger, CEO of UNTHA shredding technology GmbH.

About UNTHA e-technology GmbH

UNTHA e-technology GmbH, located in Golling an der Salzach, is a reliable partner and manufacturer in the field of automation technology for commerce and industry. With its bespoke automation solutions, the company covers a wide range of areas of application: shredders, fully automated production lines, test beds, packaging lines, painting and cleaning robots and much more. The company’s core competence is its expertise in SPS applications for customised solutions that cater to many different requirements. The extensive application options and the open system make it possible to integrate complex control systems and databases by a wide range of manufacturers in the best possible way. The company is also UL-certified. Production in line with UL standards and the corresponding seal means that products may be exported to the US and to Canada.

Images (reproduction for press purposes free of charge; image credit: UNTHA shredding technology GmbH): https://untha.canto.de/b/K962U

Images 1+2: (left to right) Felix Grünwald, Managing Director UNTHA e-technology, Andrea Gratzer, CFO UNTHA shredding technology and Managing Director UNTHA e-technology, and Alois Kitzberger, CEO UNTHA shredding technology, at the UNTHA e-technology headquarters in Golling

Images 3+4: The UNTHA e-technology leadership team: Felix Grünwald, Managing Director UNTHA e-technology, and Andrea Gratzer, CFO UNTHA shredding technology and Managing Director UNTHA e-technology

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