More alternative fuels for the cement industry

Otto-Rüdiger Schulze relies on quality by UNTHA

The waste management company based in Neuendorf near Berlin focuses on the preparation of alternative fuels, supplying more than 80,000 tonnes of them each year, mostly to the cement industry. The XR3000C shredder by Austrian premium manufacturer UNTHA shredding technology is a key partner in the company's day-to-day business.


When it came to purchasing a new, high-performance shredder, the company had clearly defined requirements, says Operating Manager André Rabeus: ”By pre-shredding material in its original state, we achieved fractions from 0 to 300mm. We were therefore looking for a device that would ensure the optimised shredding of the input material.” To achieve this, the company tested shredders from several manufacturers. In the end, the odds were clearly in favour of the UNTHA XR3000C: "With the slow-running, single-shaft shredder by UNTHA, we achieved a significant improvement of our output fractions, from 0 to 150mm. This also reduces the amount of wear that the machines further down the production line are subjected to. With the XR3000C, we can achieve a daily throughput of 400 to 450 tonnes.” Thanks to the highly economical UNTHA Eco Power Drive, the company has also reduced its energy consumption and now saves 1,000 kWh per day. Furthermore, the unit stands out for its low maintenance requirements and servicing costs. For a company that processes more than 80,000 tonnes of alternative fuels per year, this is a clear technical and operational advantage.

Otto-Rüdiger Schulze

Otto-Rüdiger Schulze Holz- und Baustoffrecycling GmbH & Co. KG is a waste management company that was founded in 1990. The business started out with waste wood recycling and today employs 250 people at five locations. Its core business is the optimised recycling of waste wood, plastics, construction waste, domestic and commercial waste. By shredding, sorting and reutilising waste, the company produces several tonnes of secondary raw materials every day as well as alternative fuels that are used in cement plants and power stations. The wide range of input materials is a challenge for plant configurations.

Clear decision in favour of UNTHA

"UNTHA was recommended to us by a company based in Berlin. We are convinced that we made the right decision and would be happy to recommend the XR3000C to others", says André Rabeus. For UNTHA Sales Manager Daniel Wresnik, the successful integration of this unit from the UNTHA XR series at Otto-Rüdiger Schulze is another example of the way UNTHA adapts itself to customer requirements. "This flexibility, paired with our innovative capacity and the energy-efficient UNTHA Eco Power Drive, is our biggest strength", says Daniel Wresnik.

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