UNTHA supplies bespoke shredding solutions for seamless processes

Supporting actors with a crucial role to play

LOC Holz GmbH, Upper Austria’s first cross-laminated timber plant, produces CLT elements in a range of surface qualities, among them “Supreme” – a completely knotless, even version in the premium segment. In order to shred the residual wood generated in the plant on a daily basis, LOC uses two UNTHA LR1400 shredders that were fitted with special hoppers and fully automated central lubrication systems and integrated in the superordinate control system, in line with the specific company requirements.

LOC LR1400 mit U-Rahmen Hero

LOC Holz is based in Arbing, Upper Austria, and applies the principles of sustainability, regional origins and innovation to all areas of its business, processing exclusively regionally sourced coniferous timber from sustainable, certified forests.Residual wood that results from production is shredded and fully reprocessed using the UNTHA shredders. In concrete terms, this means that 100 percent of the energy requirements for heating, drying and internal processes are covered in-house.

UNTHA supplies bespoke equipment

At the LOC site in Arbing, two UNTHA LR1400 units are used for the efficient shredding of residual wood, with a throughput of at least 1,400 kilograms per hour. The machines have a power rating of 60 kW each and were fitted with special hoppers as well as fully automated central lubrication systems. “In our production, large amounts of residual wood are generated every day, and this wood needs to be processed. For us, the UNTHA shredders are supporting actors with a crucial role to play. They shred the residual wood quickly and efficiently, thus contributing to smooth production processes”, says Dietmar Ruml, Head of Production at LOC Holz GmbH.

One of the shredders is positioned at the cutting unit and was fitted with a wraparound U-frame that allows for different hoppers to be fitted in a single, straightforward step. It is loaded via an inclined belt conveyor, which is started up on a fully automated basis at the command of the production machines. The second LR1400 is installed in a pit and was fitted with a modular-structure hopper with two loading levels: The first hopper is positioned at the level of the production area and is used to manually feed the shredders with large residual wood profiles, while the second hopper is located directly below. Via an under-floor conveyor belt, smaller cuts of residual wood as well as milling chips from the joinery machine are taken to the shredder, which starts up automatically when a light barrier is activated.

Both shredders were fitted with a fully automated central lubrication system, thus minimising maintenance despite multi-shift operation. The wood chips are removed by means of high-performance extraction systems and partially used for thermal purposes in house, for instance in the wood drying process.

Reliable shredders, extensive service

“We consulted several renowned suppliers of shredding solutions and discussed our specific requirements, and UNTHA emerged as the best option. The planning of our bespoke solutions and the technical project handling were done without any issues at all. We are very happy with the result and will definitely recommend UNTHA to others", is how Dietmar Ruml sums up the purchasing decision.

Efficiency, throughput, and the optimal integrability of the shredders in the overall system were the key criteria for LOC Holz. In addition, UNTHA offered the best value for money on the market as well as highly competent advice during the concept planning stage. The overall package was completed by a training session for the LOC plant personnel in how to operate and service the shredders.

About LOC Holz GmbH

LOC Holz GmbH is headquartered in Arbing an der Donau and was founded in 2022 by partners Rudolf Ortner, Josef Lauß and Jan Walter Cappelen. As the first production site of cross-laminated timber in Upper Austria, LOC Holz produces cross-laminated timber elements in the surface qualities non-visible, industrial visible and domestic visible. The premium design “Supreme” guarantees even, completely knotless surfaces. These elements make the basis for walls and ceilings in modern solid timber constructions. They are inherently stable, carry the weight of multi-storey buildings and provide optimal heat and noise insulation. Every year, LOC produces approximately 50,000 m³ of cross-laminated timber elements made from Austrian coniferous timber, the equivalent of 800-900 family homes.

Images (reproduction for press purposes free of charge; image credit: UNTHA shredding technology GmbH)

Fig. 1-2: Free-standing UNTHA LR1400 with fully automated central lubrication system, wraparound U-frame and timber attachment by LOC

Fig. 3: UNTHA LR1400 in a four-metre pit, including special hopper and extraction system

Fig. 4: Dietmar Ruml, Head of Production at LOC Holz GmbH (image credit: LOC Holz GmbH)

Fig. 5: LOC Holz GmbH in Arbing is Upper Austria’s first cross-laminated timber plant and uses UNTHA’s powerful LR1400 for shredding its residual wood (image credit: LOC Holz GmbH)

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