The UNTHA service inspection gets Saubermacher plant back in shape

At the Saubermacher Dienstleistungs AG site in Vienna, an XR3000C shredder by UNTHA shredding technology has been in use since 2017. Most recently, a large-scale service including a rotor exchange was completed by the experts of the UNTHA service team. We talked to the head of production facilities about all the benefits that customers enjoy with an UNTHA manufacturer’s service.


Thomas Birkner has been head of production at Saubermacher Dienstleistungs AG for Vienna and Lower Austria for 15 years and has already had several opportunities to experience the outstanding service quality provided by UNTHA: “UNTHA provides impeccable service - there is always a contact person at hand who offers help and advice. The Service Hotline deserves a special mention in this context”, says Birkner.

Large-scale service after 14,000 operating hours

The latest service aimed at making sure that the XR3000C would work flawlessly for another two years. “The machine has been in operation since 2017 and has notched up 14,000 operating hours by now. Several wear parts needed to be replaced, the biggest one being the rotor”, explains Thomas Birkner. At the Saubermacher site in Vienna, the XR shredder shreds commercial and bulky waste down to a granulate size of <110 mm, which is then used as alternative fuel for the cement industry. The site processes 80,000 t/year in 3-shift operation.

Efficiency increase thanks to GENIUS

In addition to regular maintenance, there is another UNTHA tool that keeps the XR machine running like clockwork: “Since we first started using the UNTHA GENIUS platform, we have been able to optimise performance in several areas, thanks to this condition monitoring tool. The metrics and data help us fine-tune our components as well as plan our maintenance intervals in the best possible way", explains Birkner.

One-stop-shop service

The great advantage of an UNTHA service for the customer comes with the one-stop-shop approach offered by UNTHA. Emanuel Seidl, Head of Key Account Management and Spare Part Service at UNTHA shredding technology, confirms this: “Our customers can be sure that we achieve the best possible result for their machines, thanks to our expertise and use of UNTHA original spare parts.” The recent service at Saubermacher in Vienna was a case in point: “We carried out an on-site inspection beforehand to gain a comprehensive idea of the state of the machine and to determine what exactly needed to be done during the planned shutdown”, says Emanuel Seidl. The XR3000C shredder is once again running smoothly and is ready for another two years of shredding material to be used as alternative fuel. Thomas Birkner sums the UNTHA service up as follows: “I warmly recommend the service provided by UNTHA. I am very happy with it!”

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