UNTHA staff spotlight - Richard Kendler

Kuchl, 26.07.2016

Richard Kendler isn’t just a shredding expert. He knows a thing or two about skydiving too, as we find out in this latest employee spotlight…

Name: Richard Kendler

Job title: Project manager


  1. What does your role entail?

I oversee client projects from start to finish. To ensure the highest possible level of service for clients, and the seamless delivery of all projects, my role involves me working closely with virtually all of UNTHA’s departments, from sales and product management, to our production facility, after sales and customer service team.


   2. How long have you been with the company?

Two years. I joined as a design engineer before moving across to the role of project manager late last year.


  1. What’s the best thing about your job?

The opportunity to work with so many different people throughout the business, each with different skills and knowledge about the diverse waste and recycling environments around the world. This means there’s a great degree of variety within my job. I also enjoy helping clients solve their waste problems, whether they’ve got a very standard waste to energy scenario or a challenging application that we’ve not encountered before. I know we’ll always find a solution.


  1. Of all the places you’ve visited during your time with UNTHA, which has been your favourite?

I particularly enjoyed a visit to Ghent in Belgium. It was a beautiful place with a great old town. The buildings were rich in heritage and there was a really nice atmosphere everywhere we went.


  1. For you, which is UNTHA’s stand-out shredder?

It has to be the XR Mobil-e, a shredder I helped to design. I feel proud to have been a part of the development team behind this revolutionary machine, especially because it has now been met with worldwide acclaim.


  1. What’s been your biggest work achievement, since joining UNTHA?

I suppose this is a continuation of my previous answer. I was also pleased that UNTHA’s waste business unit identified my skills and commitment to customers, and invited me to join the team as a project manager.


  1. Describe UNTHA in three words:

A company that is renowned for reliability, quality and customer-focus (it has to be four!)


And finally some more light-hearted questions:

  1. What’s your favourite food?

This might be a light-hearted question but it’s a difficult one to answer! I eat everything! I don’t think I have a favourite.


  1. How do you relax on a weekend?

When the weather is nice I love spending time outdoors, enjoying our amazing landscape. I have quite an unusual hobby – skydiving! That really clears my head! I have also just started qigong – the ancient art of tai chi and meditation.


  1. If you were stranded on a desert island, what is the one thing you couldn’t live without?

The XR shredder of course! (just kidding)

In all seriousness, it would have to be my girlfriend (and our two cats).

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