Special XR demo day scheduled for Australia

Australia, 20.01.2020

Waste, recycling and alternative fuel production specialists in Australia are being invited to get up close to the world-renowned UNTHA XR mobil-e shredder, as partner FOCUS Enviro prepares for a VIP demo day on Thursday 20 February.

They say, ‘seeing is believing’, so the interactive session in Melbourne will allow delegates to experience the innovative shredding technology effortlessly handling a range of input materials including residual waste, wood waste and tires, to mention a few.  Attendees will then be able to analyse the homogenous on-specification output fractions, listen to how quietly the XR operates, and witness just how simple this sophisticated technology is to run.

Waste processing experts from FOCUS Enviro and UNTHA will also be on hand to ask any questions about the equipment, whether guests wish to quiz the team on best practice single-pass PEF shredding, ease of reconfiguration, building a business case for the machine, or anything in between!

Commenting on the popularity of this world-class machine, Gary Moore, UNTHA’s director for global o business development, said: “With high throughputs, low whole life running costs and unrivalled energy efficiency, the XR has revolutionised the industry’s approach to waste shredding for production of fuels such as RDF, SRF, PEF and biomass. The machine has also exceeded all customer expectations when handling a variety of bulky wastes such as mattresses – which can be processed at a rate of up to 200 per hour – along with other hazardous and contaminated materials.

“Everything about this shredder is designed to maximise operator margins, but with utmost safety and environmental considerations in mind too!”


Anyone interested in attending should contact simone@focusenviro.com.au to reserve their place.