Handlos GmbH relies on UNTHA technology

Kuchl, 26.07.2017

Herbert Handlos GmbH, one of the leading businesses in the wood industry in Austria, has been working with the wood shredding technology provided by UNTHA since January 2015: The per-fectly customised integration into the existing system and superior ease of maintenance were what convinced Handlos GmbH in particular. The satisfaction of the customer is also evident from the fact that the business has since successfully installed three reliable UNTHA wood shredders.

Three wood shredders to create a perfect performance in all areas
Handlos GmbH, a forward-thinking Upper Austrian family company with sites in Tragwein and Pregarten, has purchased a total of three machines within the last two years for its laminated tim-ber components and beams for log house construction assembly lines. First a RS30 wood shredder was delivered to the Tragwein site in January 2015: This shreds cross-cut wood pieces that come out of the cross-cut system.

The LR520 wood shredder: Sophisticated technology and high energy efficiency
In April 2015, a LR520 shredding machine was delivered, which was purchased to shred wood cut-tings after a finger jointing unit. Great technology in combination with the well-known UNTHA qual-ity make the LR520 the most reliable shredder in its class. Thanks to the pusher-free design’s self-closing mechanism, maintenance expenses and effort are reduced to a minimum. The reliability of the wood shredder is partly due to the robust steel construction, but also due to the sophisticated technology. The machine also impresses with its economical operation thanks to its high level of energy efficiency.

Perfectly adapted to customer requirements
The LR520 was adjusted to specifically fit the Handlos system so that it could be perfectly integrated into the unmanned operation - this is how it works with built-in light barriers for example. The ro-bust machine design and the minimal noise and dust pollution due to the low rotational speed of the cutting shafts are just some of its many benefits. Should any foreign particle get into the ma-chine, the shredding machine will automatically switch itself off thus preventing greater damage to the cutting system. The shredder is also equipped with an automatic reverse in order to prevent motor overload.

Handlos GmbH requires compact machines, which fit into the very concentrated installation tech-nology. Due to the unmanned operation of the system, the machines also need to be able to work fully automatically, as they are controlled along with the system. An additional requirement of Handlos GmbH was that the maintenance and wear costs be kept as low as possible. Head of Pro-duction, Hubert Pfeiffer is enthusiastic about it: “The three machines from UNTHA are a very good solution for our wood shredding. Due to the shredded goods which come from these machines, we now have more profit and we are particularly happy with the operation of the machines. Added value is also significantly higher”.

Handlos invested in a bigger system as the power of the first cross-cut system had become too low. A RS40 shredder was then also purchased as part of this investment.
The output material of all three shredders is extracted by a suction system and used for the heating in Tragwein.

Productive, compact design and low-maintenance: The benefits of the RS30/RS40
The customisation of the machines to fit customer requirements ultimately convinced Handlos GmbH: Because they take up very little space, the shredders can be perfectly integrated into the facility and work together with the new complete dust extraction unit to create a complete func-tional system.

Effective UNTHA four-shaft shredding principle
The RS30 and RS40 shredders have various specific benefits: Firstly, energy costs are kept especially low due to the cutting principle of the UNTHA rotary shear and, secondly, thanks to the self-closing material, a feeding system is not necessary. Due to the specific arrangement of the cutting shaft, pre-shredding and post-shredding can be done in one simple step. A perforated screen deter-mines the size of the granulate that comes out. UNTHA was also successful in offering Handlos GmbH a complete package that best matched the customer requirements thanks to the custom-ised operating modes of the three wood shredders used.


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