Watch now – new demonstration video of XR mobil-e

Kuchl, 16.02.2016

They say a picture tells a thousand words. Well a video tells even more.

That’s why UNTHA has produced a five minute demonstration film of the new XR mobil-e waste shredder in action. The video showcases the varied waste handling capabilities of this flexible machine, using footage from a number of challenging trials.

Viewers will initially see a mechanical grab feeding the XR mobil-e with pre-shredded and screened MSW, before high throughputs of homogenous output material exit the machine on the in-built discharge conveyor.

Multifaceted, untreated C&I waste is the next material to be shredded, before the XR mobil-e gets to grips with pre-sorted baled plastics; pre-shredded, screened and baled MSW; carpets; pre-shredded and screened C&I waste; PVC window frames; waste wood and pulper ropes. In every scenario, the shredder has simply been reconfigured to handle these different, complex waste streams with ease.

Watch the video here

Commenting on the demonstration film, UNTHA’s product manager Christoph Lahnsteiner, who has been heavily involved in the XR mobile’s launch, said: “This video shows in only a matter of minutes, how adaptable the XR mobil-e really is. It is a fantastic illustration of the multiple benefits of our newest innovation – one of the only advantages you can’t really experience is the low noise levels.

“If you want to see the shredder for yourself, under real operational conditions, why not get involved with the XR mobil-e roadshow? Over the coming months the machine will be demonstrated in Italy, the UK, Austria and Germany. To arrange to attend, or to discuss your own waste shredding/ alternative fuel production requirements, please contact UNTHA on 0043 6244 7016 0 or email”

The XR mobil-e was launched in January 2016, making it the world’s first electrically-driven mobile shredder. With the same design features as the internationally acclaimed static XR, this mobile solution provides customers with identical benefits – high throughputs, low operating costs, energy efficiency, low noise, foreign object protection and ease of maintenance. Yet it is the first machine of its kind to shred with a low power electric drive and, thanks to its on-board auxiliary power pack, it can be easily moved around a production facility and plugged back in.

For maximum flexibility, the XR mobil-e can process a variety of pre-shredded, unsorted or bulky wastes, to produce a wide number of high quality fuels for the WtE, cement, gasifier and biomass markets. A series of interchangeable screens and cutters enable the shredder to be configured according to the output specification, with homogenous particles of 30-400mm achievable.

DID YOU KNOW? The static XR can shred all of the same materials shown in this video. So, if you don’t need a mobile shredder why not explore our tried-and-tested original XR.