XR3000RC mobil-e: suitable for many applications

Thanks to the RC cutting system, the UNTHA XR3000RC mobil-e efficiently shreds a range of different materials, for instance waste wood. The homogeneous output material may be utilised both thermally and materially.

Waste wood
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The client
About the buyer

Breitsamer Entsorgung & Recycling GmbH was founded in 1956. The services offered by the company include recycling consulting, sorting of commercial waste, alternative fuel production, waste wood processing and the handling of hazardous waste. At its location in Munich, Breitsamer shifts approximately 200,000 tonnes of commercial waste, construction waste and recyclable materials per year. 160 employees, 50 vehicles and state-of-the-art sorting and processing systems ensure that waste is recycled or processed for thermal recovery. The goal is to use 100 percent of available resources, thus contributing to the closed-loop economy.


The problem
Initial situation

The company had been looking for a suitable shredding solution that would efficiently process different waste wood categories. The shredded material is sold on as alternative fuel or processed in a chipboard plant. The crucial criteria for selecting a shredder included: single-phase shredding with a throughput of at least 30–35 tonnes per hour down to a grain size of approx. 100 mm, an electric drive, and a crawler-type undercarriage for improved flexibility.


The solution
Why opt for an UNTHA shredder?

UNTHA gave the recycling company a demonstration machine so that it could test the RC cutting system and the performance levels of the shredder on its premises. The XR3000RC mobil-e ticked all the boxes: The shredding system ensures optimal material feed and shreds approximately 30–35 tonnes of waste wood per hour. The shredder comes with a 100 mm perforated screen, including a chip breaker. This results in a more homogeneous output material with very few excess lengths. Thanks to the UNTHA Eco Power Drive with water-cooled synchronous motors, the XR series is up to 75 percent more energy-efficient than comparable shredders with a diesel-hydraulic drive system. With its crawler-type undercarriage, the UNTHA XR3000RC mobil-e is particularly flexible and may be positioned at different locations, including a service point if service and maintenance work needs to be done.

In our plant, we use the UNTHA XR3000RC as a mobile and stationary shredding solution. The RC cutting chamber allows us to process a range of materials, such as waste wood, mixed construction waste and bulky waste in a reliable and energy-efficient manner.

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Karlheinz Pfleger

Plant Manager

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The reasons
Purchasing decision

Breitsamer tested the XR3000RC demonstration machine for half a year, shredding a wide range of different materials and using various perforated screens to find the perfect version for its specific requirements. In the end, the quality features of the XR3000RC mobil-e spoke for themselves: The shredder is reliable and energy-efficient and fulfils all the desired criteria.

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