Five-pack: Multiplied shredder-power for 24-hour operation

Weinberger Holz utilises as many as five four-shaft shredders of the RS Class from UNTHA to shred timber off-cuts. The most important criteria for this decision: Reliability, high availability and low noise emissions.

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The client
About the buyer

Weinberger Holz is market leader in both quality and service when it comes to bilam and trilam beams, laminated timber and log house planks. From its two sites in Abtenau/Salzburg and Reichenfels/Carinthia, the company delivers to a wide range of renowned European customers in the prefab house industry as well as wood construction and carpentry businesses. The company was founded in 1854, and is today run in the sixth generation by Johann A. Weinberger and his father, with 93 employees at the two sites.


The problem
Initial situation

The Weinberger Holz product range comprises laminated timber and laminated timber ceilings, which are produced in Abtenau, as well as log house planks and Duobalken, all for the construction sector, which are manufactured at the Carinthian site. For several years now, Weinberger has also been producing wall elements with CE markings. The company had been looking for a reliable shredding solution for the cap pieces that are a by-product of its production.  Two requirements were at the top of the Weinberger Holz requirement profile: First, they needed a solution that they could absolutely depend on, that would run reliably and has a high availability. The second criterion were low noise emissions, an important requirement for the company due to its location in a countryside setting with neighbours on either side. A slow-running unit with minimal noise emissions would therefore be critical.


The solution
Why opt for an UNTHA shredder?

For all these reasons, Weinberger opted for market leader UNTHA years ago and purchased several RS30 and RS40 units. In total there are four shredders in operation at the company, all slow-running, four-shaft models of the RS line. The UNTHA shredders are primarily used for cap pieces in a wide range of dimensions and sizes, which is highly challenging for any machine solution. As the granulate size of the shredded material is extremely even and homogeneous, it is particularly well suited for pellet production. The wood chips are also used for a more specialised area of application - the production of cement-bound sound absorption elements, a market that Weinberger is able to serve with the output of their shredders.

I am more than happy to recommend the UNTHA machines and I am convinced that they constitute an excellent solution. We have recommended them to others many times and they work equally well at our colleagues’ facilities.

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Johann A. Weinberger

Managing Director

The reasons
Purchasing decision

For Weinberger Holz, the benefits of the RS30 and RS40 shredders were obvious: Availability is a big factor, as the company wants to focus on the bonding of load-bearing wooden construction elements, without having to worry about what happens with the cap pieces. The
RS shredders hardly ever require any sort of user intervention. The machines work quietly, reliably, 24 hours a day and 5 days a week. Weinberger has also had several opportunities to experience the outstanding UNTHA after-sales service. All shredders are subjected to a thorough inspection once a year to extend their lifespan and ensure availability.


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