Sustainable residual wood processing at binderholz

binderholz is a family business and produces solid wood products. The Jenbach site produces approx. 100 m³ of residual wood daily, which are shredded by the UNTHA RS30 and LR1000 shredders, true to the zero-waste principle, and are then made into biofuel.

Residual wood
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The client
About the buyer

binderholz is a family business producing high-grade solid wood products such as sawn timber and wooden profiles, single- and multi-layer bonded solid wood boards, laminated timber and binderholz plywood, as well as products such as multi-purpose boards, garden and construction wood. Residual wood that results from production is made into biofuel, in line with the company’s zero-waste approach.In addition to the company headquarters in Fügen, binderholz also has 28 other sites in Europe and the US. binderholz in Jenbach has 270 employees. Worldwide, the company employs 5,200 people.


The problem
Initial situation

The binderholz site in Jenbach produces approx. 100 m³ of residual wood on a daily basis. To be able to properly process this wood, it must first be shredded. The requirements for the new shredders were, as follows: fast and even shredding, automated feed-in and a compact design – the shredders had to be integrated into the existing production lines.


The solution
Why opt for an UNTHA shredder?

The company finally opted for the UNTHA RS30. binderholz in Jenbach now has nine of these shredders on site. The 4-shaft shredders stand out for their compact design, long service life, minimum maintenance requirements and low dust and noise production. The shredders are integrated directly into the production lines. The wooden beams and boards glide over the shredders, all cut-offs drop directly into the hopper and are shredded immediately. binderholz works in three-shift operation, and the shredders run 24 hours a day. For larger sections of wood there is a. o. an UNTHA LR1000 available. This shredder was fitted inside a pit and is fed with residual wood from the joinery machine.

Our love of wood as a material has been the basis of all our actions ever since our company was first founded. Handling resources respectfully is therefore an important part of our philosophy. The shredders provided by UNTHA support us in processing residual wood for the production of biofuels.

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Martin Mair

Head of Department, plant 1

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The reasons
Purchasing decision

binderholz first became aware of UNTHA at a trade fair several years ago and has since been using a range of UNTHA shredders. The company was on the search for compact shredders for the Jenbach site. The RS30 fulfils the requirement profile to the letter: a reliable 4-shaft shredder, ideal when space is tight and designed for intense, permanent operation. In Jenbach, nine shredders of the RS range ensure that the daily volume of residual wood is shredded in a fast, efficient manner. “In addition to their reliable machines, UNTHA also offers uncomplicated service. A quick phone call or an e-mail is all it takes, and the parts are on their way to us. We are very happy with our decision to purchase the UNTHA RS30”, says Martin Mair, Head of Department at binderholz plant 1, about the company’s purchasing decision.

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