The small, compact wood shredder for joiners and carpenters

  • Small footprint 

  • Tried and tested technology

  • Energy-efficient drive concept

  • Homogeneous wood chip quality

  • Customised system solutions

  • 3-Year Worry-Free Guarantee

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UNTHA PR Roth 1 Hero
January 30th 2024
Scrap tyres: shredding, recycling and disposal

ROTH International shreds scrap tyres using the UNTHA XR3000C mobil-e, which produces output for pyrolysis, recycling and alternative fuel production.

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UNTHA PR Breitsamer Bild 1 Print
January 16th 2024
RC cutting system: Pre-shredding of different materials

Breitsamer Entsorgung & Recycling GmbH uses the UNTHA XR3000 with the RC cutting system to shred a wide range of materials, for instance waste wood, bulky waste and construction waste.

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December 15th 2023
COP28: transition away from fossil fuels

Innovative companies and technologies are essential for apositive change. UNTHA’s shredders make a valuable contribution to circular economy and more alternative energy sources.

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December 5th 2023
Indian business delegation visits UNTHA

Representatives of the cement industry in India visited UNTHA to learn more about production and use of substitute fuels.

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