Shredding of agricultural films and rigid plastics

When processing waste materials for thermal and material recycling, the homogeneity of the shredded material is particularly important. At Schenker Industrie- und Städtereinigungs GmbH, the UNTHA XR3000 with the RC cutting system ensures reliable shredding of hard plastics, agricultural film and waste wood.

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The client
About the buyer

Schenker Industrie- und Städtereinigungs GmbH is active in the fields of waste disposal and recycling as well as the production of substitute raw materials and fuels (RDF). The company site covers over 105,000 m². 13 independent recycling plants ensure the processing of waste materials in order to return them to the material cycle, reduce CO2 emissions and save raw materials. The company processes up to 150,000 tons of materials such as scrap, plastics, waste wood and commercial waste every year.


The problem
Initial situation

For the optimal recycling of waste materials such as hard plastics, (agricultural) films, production residues, waste wood and bulky waste, it is important to shred them to a homogeneous grain size. Hard plastics and films are highly viscous and sometimes contain metals (bows, composites), making them difficult to process. Schenker was therefore looking for a shredder with a cutting system that ensures optimum material intake, is insensitive to impurities and at the same time produces a uniform starting material. The shredded material is processed into RDF or recycled.


  • Shredding of different materials

  • Homogeneous starting material

  • Energy efficiency

  • Crawler-type undercarriage

  • 1-stage shredding


The solution
Why opt for an UNTHA shredder?

After several weeks of testing, Schenker opted for the UNTHA XR3000RC mobil-e with a 90 mm perforated screen. This shredder processes different materials into a homogeneous material in just one pass. The overbelt magnet on the discharge conveyor sorts out metals. The RC cutting system precisely meets the company's requirements because it efficiently draws in the material, ensures precise and consistent shredding and is also low-wear. Another special feature of the XR3000RC mobil-e is the energy-efficient UNTHA Eco Power Drive, which is up to 70 percent more economical than comparable diesel engines. Thanks to the crawler-type undercarriage, the XR can be moved flexibly around the company site to wherever material is waiting to be shredded. This reduces internal logistics with trucks.

The UNTHA XR3000RC mobil-e combines all the features we need for shredding different materials: Thanks to the RC cutting system, the feed behavior is optimal even with difficult materials, and the output always has a consistent quality. At the same time, the shredder is energy-efficient and low-maintenance."

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