The universally applicable single shaft shredder for high performance requirements

  • Versatile feed hopper

  • Effective cutting system

  • Highly user- and maintenance-friendly

  • Configurable fraction size

  • Fail-safe power train concept

CR Hero
What distinguishes the CR2000 shredder
Rated capacity of the rotor
1.980 x 1.570
Feed opening
Fraction sizes (based on the screen)
The CR2000
The CR2000
The specialist in recycling

We have developed a shredder especially for different valuable resource shredding task solutions. This powerhouse is particularly sturdy, and able to master complex requirements and extreme conditions. Above all the high-performance direct drive UNTHA Eco Drive in combination with the effective machine cutting system ensures very high throughputs in valuable resource recycling.


Advantages of the CR2000

The CR2000 is a shredder which is highly flexible in use and aligned to your requirements. Depending on the requirements and the material, the CR class shredders can be individually configured, whether for the pre-shredding of plastics which are hard to shred, or for the processing of pallets and waste wood. Different cutting system variants and drive capacities mean that our single shaft shredders are universal in use. Additional technical options supplement the possibilities of this machine. 

A rugged drive system with high-performance and high-torque rotors ensures powerful shredding. The operationally-safe electric drive concept of the CR2000 shredder consists of a high-performance asynchronous motor, a low-maintenance coupling and a planetary gear integrated into a rotor. The direct drive on our shredder also reduces wear and maintenance costs, as no belts are required. The effective cutting system with its aggressive feeding characteristics guarantees a consistently-high throughput and even particle quality. This makes the CR shredder one of the most productive, but also profitable single shaft shredders for valuable resources.


High-performance shredding, low-maintenance operation

In addition to the fail-safe drive, the rugged machine design guarantees that even high loads and forces will not damage the machine. In case of particularly difficult materials, for example those including larger metal parts, the shredder will be shut down immediately by the integrated safety coupling. Foreign objects can then be easily and quickly removed from the shredder via a discharge system. This reduces machine downtimes to a minimum.

Depending on the material and the required particle size, the CR2000 single shaft shredder can be fitted with different blade sizes and shapes. This makes output material fraction sizes from 25 mm to 80 mm possible. Plastic bales and hard plastics, agricultural films and rolled goods, production waste and waste wood are just some of the materials for which the CR2000 shredder can be used, and for which we can provide the appropriate solution based on our expertise in the field of shredders.

Input material
Input material
Which materials can be shredded?

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