Vision, mission & values

What we stand for

Our vision underpins everything we do. It is our long-term guiding principle and describes our uniqueness, thereby giving us our identity. Our mission describes our self-concept. It is influenced by our history, our culture, and our values. As an expression of a strong brand, it verbalises our brand claim.

Long-term perspective

Long-term perspective

Our vision

The vision of UNTHA

The goal in mind

UNTHA is a leading provider in the field of industrial shredding technology. The brand stands for excellent products, outstanding customer service and pioneering innovations. UNTHA links economic success with social responsibility and makes an important contribution towards protecting our environment. The basis of our success is a shared system of values that supports every employee and enables him or her to play an integral part in a successful team within a state-of-the-art company.

The pathway to the goal

The pathway to the goal

Our mission

The mission of UNTHA

The guide for our actions

True for more than 50 years: UNTHA is the most reliable brand in shredding technology! We never abandon a customer. The usual rule is: Once an UNTHA customer – always an UNTHA customer! Our customers worldwide remain loyal to the UNTHA brand and recommend us to others. And for the future, our promise remains: We make no compromises with respect to reliability!

Guidelines in business

Guidelines in business

Our core values
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Uncompromising reliability

Creating values together!

We are active in many countries around the world. We meet people from different nations and with different social and cultural backgrounds.

With our over 50 page book "Values, leadership and goals compass" we want to sharpen our awareness of values and to describe the way how we at UNTHA want to deal with colleagues as well as our customers, suppliers and all other business partners.

  • Exemplary customer focus

  • Hands-on team spirit and mutual respect

  • Open and honest communication

  • Modern "error culture"

  • Maximum solution-oriented

Mutual trust

Mutual trust

Our brand promise
Positioning and success factors

Our positioning is based on our uncompromising reliability that can be seen in our products, services and all business activities.

This is what differentiates us clearly and continually from our competitors! Reliability is our promise, our core message and the essence of our brand. Problem-solving expertise, innovation capabilities, commitment to service and a focus on quality, are our central brand characteristics that lead to our success.

Why we?

Why we?

5 reasons to choose UNTHA
Individual solutions

Our customers are as individual as their industries. This is why our long-lasting shredding solutions are customized, to always meet all requirements.

Highest quality

Maximum quality is always our claim and also our promise to our customers. We therefore always guarantee premium quality both in our products and in our services. This is also noticeable through the durability of the products.

In-house expertise

At UNTHA everything happens in the same place. Our concentrated competence from development to production is under one roof. Short distances, a broad exchange of knowledge and quick decisions guarantee the best products and services.

Best customer service

Reliability is our promise in all areas. That is why our customer service is always there to answer your concerns. Thanks to intensive training and continuous training, you will be advised with the best technical know-how.

References worldwide

Our sales and service network extends over numerous countries on every single continent of the world. More than 10,000 satisfied reference customers from various industries already rely on our solutions, products and services.

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Find out more
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