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- High availability and process stability
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RS30-40 Shredder

Shredder for recycling applications and data destruction

The reliable and heavy duty UNTHA 4-shaft RS30 and RS40 series shredders have been tested and proven over several decades and were specifically designed for a broad application range. The shredding machines can be operated as stand-alone solutions or integrated into complex systems where they tend to be a favourite thanks to their very compact design.

The high reliability of the small RS series is a result of the machine's rugged cast-iron frame design and the sturdy cutting unit. The low-speed, 4-shaft shredders are not sensitive to foreign objects and are very low maintenance. Thanks to the pull-in mechanism the shredder does not need a hydraulic pusher system, which further reduces the need for maintenance. The low speed of the cutting shafts ensures low noise and dust emissions in your operations.

The machines are particularly productive thanks to the high torque in combination with a large perforated screen surface and are a favourite for multi-shift operations. In the event that foreign objects are pulled in, the shredder automatically shuts down thereby preventing greater damage to the cutting unit. The shredder is additionally equipped with an automatic reverse to prevent motor overload.

A maintenance-free sealing system prevents dust and dirt from entering the bearings and gears. A central lubrication system provides lubrication for all essential bearings thereby ensuring a long service life.

The machines can also be equipped with additional separating and conveyor technology, customized hoppers and substructures and control expansions. We offer comprehensive solutions from one source!

Customer Service for maximum reliability

For us, reliable customer support is a key priority. All of our shredders are supplied with a professional customer support service


Small RS-class applications:

  • Files- and data destruction
  • Dashboards
  • Automobile interior lining
  • Bank notes
  • Plastic films
  • Rubber waste
  • Cardboard boxes
  • Cardboard tubes
  • Plastic drums
  • Plastic containers
  • Leather
  • Metal shavings
  • Paper
  • Plastic bottles
  • Production waste
  • Foamboard
  • Punching scrap
  • Car bumpers
  • Tetra Paks
  • Textiles
  • Transformer coils
  • Packing materials

Do you need a little more capacity?
Click here for the RS50-100
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Four-shaft shredding system

As the inventor of the four-shaft cutting system (patent no. 319535), we have kept developing these products and continually adapted them to fit market needs. Due to their sturdy design and high productivity, four-shaft shredders are used for materials that are difficult to shred. Thanks to the special layout of the cutting shafts, the pre- and re-shredding occurs in just one process step.

Reference: Lager 3000 Oliver Riemer (Managing Director)

"Our new file destruction system is very flexible in regards to the output material and the various security levels.”

Test center

TIP: Free field test at the UNTHA test center

Do you want to be 100% certain that we will configure the optimal shredding system tailored exactly to your application case and material? No problem! We will be happy to help you test your material in our facilities under real-life conditions!

Test centre


We are also happy to provide infeed and discharge conveyor belts. These will be optimally adapted to the on-site conditions and the desired throughput performance of the industrial shredder.

A ram device supports the industrial shredder when processing bulky material. At the same time the ram device increases the machine's throughput.

The central lubrication system supplies all important bearing points with sufficient lubricant which results in a considerable reduction of maintenance effort for the operating personnel and of machine downtimes.

We are able to adapt the hopper exactly to your needs depending on the infeed. Regardless of whether you need a particularly wide hopper for a wheel bearing infeed or a hopper with flip-top lid. We offer customized solutions.