LR1400 | shredder for single-use pallets and wood packaging

Shredder for pallets and packaging wood starting from 25.000 €

UNTHA shredding technology offers reliable and customised complete solutions for the shredding of pallets, packaging wood and production waste. We provide shredding, conveying and separating solutions from a single source.

Your benefits

  • No disposal, transport and storage costs
  • Homogeneous, recoverable and metal-free wood chips
  • High-quality granulate for sale or use in your own heating plant

Shred pallets efficiently and economically

Our pallet shredders were developed specifically for the shredding of single-use pallets, damaged europallets and packaging wood.  Depending on the required throughput, we offer a range of shredders that were designed with the shredding of pallets and packaging wood in mind. As the hopper design is adapted to your individual requirements, loading may be done either by wheel loader, forklift, grabber or even manually. 

Depending on the pallet cutter, throughputs of 1 t/h up to 25 t/h may be reached. The material is removed by conveyor belt, screw conveyor, spiral conveyor or suction system, depending on the required solution. The granulate size will range from 15 to 100mm, depending on the diameter of the screen.


Metal-free wood chips

Metal parts such as nails, screws, clamps or metal fittings are not a problem for the cutting system: the metal is shredded together with the pallets and packaging wood, then removed by a metal separation system and collected in a separate container.


Your personalised quote

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We have been designing and manufacturing shredders for residual and waste wood for over 40 years. More than 2,000 customers trust in a complete solution by UNTHA when it comes to pallet recycling. We are happy to organise a visit to a reference facility in your area or a free trial in our test centre. 

General information on pallets and wood packaging

Pallets and wood packaging are an integral part of modern-day transport and warehousing operations. However, the production of europallets, single-use pallets, special pallets and wood packaging in general generates a high volume of residual wood, which may be leveraged as a source of energy. In combination with waste wood from damaged pallets or wood packaging, for instance vegetable or fruit crates, this is an opportunity to generate new fuels for thermal recovery. Residual and waste wood is particularly relevant for pallet manufacturers, fruit and vegetable wholesalers, gardening centres and the wood packaging industry.

Individual or system solutions

LR series for a throughput of up to 1 t/h

Your benefits at a glance
- Optimised machine housing
- Pallet push-bar for fast shredding
- Homogeneous wood chip quality

We offer a 3-year or 2,000-hour warranty for the LR series!

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XR-class for a throughput of up to 25 t/h

Your benefits at a glance
- Mobile shredding concept with electric drive
- Robust design with excellent foreign object protection
- High material quality combined with high throughput

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