The compact shredder for wood chip production

  • Optimal cost/performance ratio

  • Reliable and sturdy

  • Energy-efficient drive concept

  • Mature cutting system

  • Customised system solutions

  • 3-Year Worry-Free Guarantee

LR630 Hero
What distinguishes the LR630 shredder
11 - 18,5
Rated capacity of the rotor
624 x 792
Feed opening
Fraction sizes (based on the screen)
Maximum throughput capacity
The LR630
The LR630
Perfect for small amounts of residual wood

The LR630 shredder – or chopper – is one of the most popular wood shredder machines from our LR series. This shredder is particularly ideal for wood working plants which produce low quantities of waste wood. It can be used to produce wood chips as valuable fuel material, or
for further processing as wood pellets and briquettes.


Advantages of the LR630

Customers love our single shaft shredder for wood due to its robust construction and excellent price-performance ratio. The high-performance shredder drive concept, a powerful horizontal pusher and the tried and tested UNTHA cutting system ensure that the machine shredding process remains reliable. The homogeneous wood chip end product produced by the shredder is ideal for incineration in a wood chip heating system or for the manufacture of wood briquettes. This shredder saves substantial energy costs due to its low
drive capacity and integrated idle shut-down function.

The LR630 is one of the most popular shredders used by joiners and carpenters. Thanks to technology such as the offset rotor bearing, proven and reliable gear damping and special cutting tools, this wood shredder is very low maintenance and has a long service life. A further advantage of the shredder is the horizontal pusher, which presses the waste wood against the rotor with the blades.  The hydraulics unit has been placed in the machine housing to save space, where it is also protected from dust and dirt. Automatic foreign object detection including a shut-down system protects the shredder cutters from damage. In addition, the machine features an automatic reverse function which prevents motor overload during shredding.


Energy efficient and tailored to your needs

Energy efficiency is an important characteristic of the LR630 shredder. The proven cutting system ensures the efficient and reliable shredding of your wood. The shredder is available starting with a drive capacity of 11 kW. If the machine stands idle for more than 3 minutes, it will shut down automatically. This saves energy whilst simultaneously reducing the operating costs of your wood working plant.

The LR630 shredder is especially suitable for shredding hardwood, chipboard, veneers, MDF sheets and cardboard into valuable wood chips as fuel and for further processing. 

Each of our wood shredders is customised to your needs. The machines can also be equipped with a metal separator, a conveyor system or a customised hopper, using which your wood chips can be optimally transported and further processed. We offer comprehensive, single-source solutions direct from the manufacturer!

Icon 3 Jahre Gewährleistung 1500x600

3-year care-free warranty

We are convinced of the reliability and quality of our products, which we are also able to verify. We will therefore make you an offer tailored to your requirements and are the only manufacturer to provide you with a special form of security: Profit from the 3-year care-free warranty* on purchasing an UNTHA wood shredder, and request your offer now!

*) or 2,000 hours, depending on which is reached first.

Everything from a single source

Depending on your requirements, we offer custom-made accessories for this shredder.

Pipe magnets

Shredding residual timber with nails or screws is no problem for our shredders. Pipe magnets are commonly used in extraction situations to separate metal pieces from the wood. We can offer you different pipe magnets depending on your application.

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