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Pulper ropes

In addition to a homogenised granulate of your residual products, our customized shredding systems guarantee an optimal pre-product for further recycling or thermal utilisation in your plants.

Our customised shredding systems not only turn your waste materials into a homogeneous granulate, but also provide an ideal pre-product for further processing and/or thermal recovery within your plant.

Pulper ropes are waste products from the paper industry. They are created when waste paper is recycled in the pulper and absorb impurities such as plastics, small metal parts, foils and non-soluble paper. But what is the best way of recycling these waste products?

Processing them into alternative fuels has proved to be the most effective way of recycling pulper ropes and paper production rejects. This yields two marketable materials: metal as well as high-calorific alternative fuels for energy production.

UNTHA offers a cost-efficient, single-phase shredding system. Benefit from the following advantages:

  • Compact shredders, material handling and metal separation units require little space
  • Low operating costs thanks to single-phase processing concept
  • Perfectly processed material streams (alternative fuel and metal)


Tried-and-tested processing concept
The ropes are fed directly into the hopper via a material handler. The cutting unit shreds the material to a pre-defined size and the granulate is removed by a discharge conveyor. An overbelt magnet removes all metal parts from the material stream, resulting in a metal content with few impurities and a high-calorific alternative fuel. For this single-phase processing method, we offer a 1-shaft shredder in the XR class and a 4-shaft shredder in the RS class.

Give us a try!
Numerous companies already put their trust in the single-phase shredding solution from UNTHA. See for yourself and try out our mobile solutions for your pulper ropes and rejects, directly on site! Dial +43 6244 7016 0 to schedule an appointment.

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Recommended shredding machines


RS50-100 Industrial shredder
Power [kW]: 44 - 150
Cutting chamber width [mm]: - 1.500


RS150 heavy duty industrial shredder  | UNTHA
Power [kW]: 180 - 312
Cutting chamber width [mm]: 1.500


Static waste shredder RDF SRF | XR3000
Power [kW]: 65 - 264
Cutting chamber width [mm]: 1.960/2.960

XR mobil-e

Power [kW]: 113 - 264
Cutting chamber width [mm]: 2.960