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Paper and cardboard

We offer customized solutions for shredding paper and cardboard. Our experienced technicians optimally configure the shredding system to meet your needs and thus ensure a perfect shredding result.

Paper, cardboard and pasteboard are valuable raw materials that play an important role in recycling and in the waste processing industry. The easy recyclability of cellulose permits the economically efficient and environmentally friendly reuse of paper. Before shredding, the material is sorted based on its prior use, foreign objects are removed and only then is the material shredded.

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Waste paper is the most important raw material for the paper industry. Impurities and foreign objects in the paper must be removed in order to efficiently recycle all of the waste paper. Our shredding machines are especially suited for this task due to their high resistance to foreign objects.

In the recycling process, the beverage carton is separated into its individual components (cellulose, polyethylene, aluminium). We recommend using one of our shredding machines that is resistant to foreign objects so you can remove all extraneous materials from the cartons.

Cardboard waste is an important raw material and can almost be 100 percent recycled. If the cardboard material contains many foreign objects and impurities, integrating one of our shredders in the recycling process would be beneficial.

Paper is compressed into bales for easier transport. During further processing, the bales are taken apart and shredded. We offer customized shredding solutions for reliably completing this task.

Shredding paper rolls requires powerful shredders. Traditional providers often meet their match with this application and are not able to deliver. Many of our customers therefore trust in the sturdy and reliable shredding technology provided by our company.

Paper production waste – such as edge strips – can quickly fill containers and take up a lot of space. Using a shredder helps reduce the volume, increases the bulk density and reduces your transport costs.

Recommended shredding machines


RS30-40 Shredder
Power [kW]: 11 - 44
Cutting chamber width [mm]: 450/750/1000


RS50-100 Industrial shredder
Power [kW]: 44 - 150
Cutting chamber width [mm]: - 1.500


S25 Compact universal shredder | UNTHA
Power [kW]: 7,5
Cutting chamber width [mm]: 430


S120 Shredder | UNTHA
Power [kW]: 88
Cutting chamber width [mm]: 1.378