File, data and material destruction

Our hard drive shredders and industrial paper shredders reliably protect your sensitive and confidential data from the prying eyes of third parties. We guarantee a secure and uncompromised destruction of your data pursuant to the most recent DIN 66399 standard.

We offer customized shredding solutions depending on the required protection class, security level and type of data to be processed. Our robust hard drive shredders and industrial paper shredders have been tested and proven over several decades and excel where other traditional shredding systems cannot. 

The independent certification centre DEKRA confirmed in an expert report that our 4-shaft shredding machines easily meet the new security standard DIN 66399-2 (destruction systems for files and data carriers).

Our RS series is the reliable shredding solution for files, data and hard disks of the following security levels:

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The secure destruction of sensitive data requires reliable shredding machines. Many customers from the file destruction industry already trust in the high reliability of our 4-shaft shredders.

Data can often times be easily recovered even from a hard drive that has been wiped multiple time. A 100% destruction of this data can only be ensured by physically destroying the data carrier. We provide reliable hard drive shredders pursuant to DIN 66399-2. They shred hard drives within security levels H3 to H5.

We offer individual shredding solutions for optical storage media such as CDs, DVDs, MiniDiscs, Blu-ray Discs,…. These shredding solutions are rated for security levels O2 and O3.

Our 4-shaft shredders are a proven solution for an economic and secure shredding of bank notes. The single-phase shredding machines are designed to be especially compact and require very little space. Many renowned customers and national banks already trust in the shredding machines designed specifically for this application area.

Regardless of whether you have loose paper or filled file folders. We provide an individual solution for every application and throughput rate. Small metal pieces or other foreign objects are no problem for our shredders! 

The goods seized by police and customs must be destroyed in a reliable manner. Our 4-shaft shredder is a universal shredding machine that can easily handle many different materials.

Misprinted sheets or edge strips take up a lot of space in waste containers. By shredding them you save on disposal costs. We provide an individual solution that fits your needs.

Security paper is used for producing bank notes, passports, securities and in many other applications. Security paper requires secure destruction to prevent the misuse of production waste or misprints. Our shredding machines destroy security paper quickly and reliably pursuant to DIN 66399. 

Recommended shredding machines


RS30-40 Shredder
Power [kW]: 11 - 44
Cutting chamber width [mm]: 450/750/1000


RS50-100 Industrial shredder
Power [kW]: 44 - 150
Cutting chamber width [mm]: - 1.500