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We’re very pleased to announce our XR and ZR class shredders. Contact us today to arrange a demonstration.

On the safe side
On the safe side

Any investment in a new shredding solution needs to be well thought out. Above all, you need to know for sure that the machine will shred the material at the desired throughput rate and at the appropriate quality. UNTHA on-site demonstrations ensure that this is the case, prove this point, and more. We visit companies and provide on-site test runs, giving our customers and potential new customers the opportunity to put UNTHA’s shredding solutions through their paces. Depending on your requirements, we’ll provide the optimum shredder with the right cutting system.

You can test the following materials, among others:
  • Industrial and commercial waste

  • Waste wood

  • Metal

  • Pulper ropes

  • Roll goods

  • Mattresses

  • Carpets

  • Mixed construction waste

  • Railway sleepers

  • Tyres

  • and much more

XR class: The advantages of the single-shaft shredder at a glance
XR class: The advantages of the single-shaft shredder at a glance

The XR class is particularly suited to processing different materials to a defined particle size (25 mm – 300 mm). This process can be single-stage and multi-stage.


The robust design of our machines enables them to be used in tough conditions as well as for shredding particularly difficult materials.

ZR class: The advantages of the 2-shaft shredder at a glance
ZR class: The advantages of the 2-shaft shredder at a glance

The ZR class is particularly suitable for volume reduction and coarse pre-shredding of difficult-to-shred waste and recyclables to 90% < 300 mm.


The most economical 2-shaft shredder with the lowest Life Cycle Costing (LCC) in its class: The energy-efficient electric drive with water-cooled synchronous motor is ultra energy efficient and consumes up to 75% less energy than a conventional diesel-hydraulic drive.

From demonstrations to purchasing
From demonstrations to purchasing

We carried out a test run with the UNTHA XR3000RC mobil-e in our company for several weeks. During this time, different materials such as hard plastics, films, bulky waste and waste wood were shredded. Various perforated screens and machine settings were also used. The shredder itself and the support provided by UNTHA have absolutely convinced us.

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Thomas Schenker

Managing Director

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How to arrange your demonstration
How to arrange your demonstration
Arrange an overview
Your location: Do you have an outdoor facility or a hall? Do you have any power connections? The type of materials that you operate with: What are they exactly? How do you intend to feed the shredder?
We’ll find the right solution for you
Before the test run, you’ll be informed about the conditions and procedure. Afterwards, our team prepares real and practical solutions for all possible future tasks. The most suitable machine is selected according to the specifications and requirements.
Let’s go
Our machines prove what they can do throughout tests lasting several days. During commissioning and throughout the test run itself, a UNTHA technician will always be available to offer advice and assistance.
Arrange a demonstration appointment now
Arrange a demonstration appointment now

Please tell us something about the material to be tested and, of course, about yourself and your company. We will contact you as soon as possible, and coordinate all further steps with you.

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Daniel Wresnik
Team Leader XR Sales & Demonstrations DACH Region
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