On the road with Ed Donovan

As North America’s busy resource sector continues to adapt to the evolving constraints imposed by the pandemic, UNTHA’s sales manager Ed Donovan has had a hectic few weeks.

We catch up with him in his latest ‘on the road’ blog…


As has been the case in recent months, Covid-19 may have forced UNTHA America to interact with customers slightly differently, at times. But the pandemic has not slowed our team down. In fact, recyclers, waste management companies, and alternative fuel producers have been busier than ever – therefore so have we.

Shredder trials have continued around the country, with the UNTHA XC cutting system proving its refined particle sizing capabilities, processing wood waste down to a homogenous <0.6” fraction, for instance. Behind the scenes we’re working on a new guide to single pass wood shredding too, so watch this space for a copy of this free resource (and drop me an email if you’d like a first look as soon as it’s published!)

The shredding of tires for recycling and TDF energy recovery remains a hot topic, and we’ve proudly watched some fantastic demonstrations of the XR’s primary and secondary shredding capabilities unfold.

I think the activity of the past few weeks – with operators concentrating on particularly tough materials, it seems – shows just how hard this industry is working. Operators are turning their attention to the trickiest of applications, and as a shredding technology manufacturer, we’re continuing to push the boundaries of innovation to shred the ‘unshreddable’.

In fact, that was the topic of my presentation when I headlined the Recycling Today Web Chats event on May 12. I spoke to more than 150 forward-thinking industry professionals keen to know how to divert more valuable resources from landfill, and showcased just what our shredders – particularly the UNTHA XR – can do, in tackling heavy duty materials ranging from mattresses to pulper rag ropes.

If I was a betting man, I’d predict we’re going to hear a lot more conversation surrounding the processing of pulper ropes, over the next few months. Pulper ropes are an unavoidable byproduct of the paper manufacturing process, but this ‘waste’ is notoriously difficult to handle because of the multifaceted nature of the materials ‘locked’ inside, not to mention its high moisture content.

Landfill is widely considered the only option, particularly in the USA. However, in parts of Europe, for instance, there are many examples of sophisticated yet cost-effective and energy-efficient facilities transforming this tricky waste stream into a number of valuable recyclables (e.g. metal wire) and a renewable energy source (e.g. a fossil fuel substitute such as RDF).

As a result, I submitted an application to speak at the 2021 Pulping, Engineering, Environmental, Recycling and Sustainability (PEERS) Conference, and recently received confirmation to deliver this technical paper to delegates this November. I look forward to working with some of the most respected names in industry to bring this topic to life in the fall.

In the coming weeks, I’ll be heading to PA, VA, IN, NY and IL, to name just a few. So, if you’d like to catch up when I’m in your area, or you want to talk – in person or virtually – about your own shredding requirements, I’d be glad to chat.

Catch up next month.

If you missed my online session for Recycling Today, you can catch up here – Download ‘How to Shred the Unshreddables’.

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