Visítenos en la IFAT de Múnich

Del 13 de mayo al 3 de mayo de 2024 | Pabellón B6 | Stand 127/226

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Lo que le espera
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Visítenos en nuestro stand 127/226 del pabellón B6. Observe de cerca trituradoras seleccionadas y deje que nuestros expertos le expliquen las numerosas ventajas de nuestras máquinas, así como de nuestros excelentes servicios.


What would a UNTHA exhibition stand be without our most powerful shredders XR and ZR? These 1- and 2-shaft shredders with different cutting units and perforated screens or sieve bars ensure high throughput rates and are also very energy-efficient.

New generation of RS shredders
Be among the first to see the new generation of UNTHA's 4-shaft shredders. The new generation of RS models is characterised by even more power, strength and robustness than its predecessors. What remains the same: Premium quality "made in Austria".
1- and 2-shaft shredders for economical coarse, medium and fine shredding of different material streams. Powerful and energy-efficient at the same time - thanks to the UNTHA Eco Power Drive.
"Make your business easier": UNTHA's digital customer portal offers a wide range of features and services to keep a constant eye on the operation of your shredder and maximise its performance. One of the many innovations from our committed aftersales team.
Exclusive live demos
Convince yourself of the strength of UNTHA shredders at our customer Schenker Industrie- und Städtereinigungs GmbH. We demonstrate the shredding of different materials with various shredders.
VDMA outdoor area
Daily live demonstrations at the VDMA outdoor area. We will shred different classes of waste wood with an XR3000RC mobil-e. Powerful and energy-efficient - thanks to UNTHA Eco Power Drive – discover our varied cutting concepts for world-class versatility.
Personal consultations
Talk to our team of global shredding experts regarding your own waste, recycling and alternative fuel production challenges, whether you choose to relax in our networking space or hold a private meeting to discuss your specific requirements.
IFAT-Vorführungen-ZR 1500x800

Experience UNTHA up close & live - at Schenker

Our goal for IFAT is to show visitors what UNTHA’s shredding technology is really capable of. So, we’re offering VIP guests the chance to see our machines in action, tackling a range of different materials – including difficult applications – that you won’t see at Messe München.

Our exclusive live demonstrations will showcase the capabilities of:

  • XR3000RC mobile-e

  • 2 x XR3000C mobil-e

  • XR2000XC

  • ZR2400W mobil-e

  • RS150


The LIVE demos will take place at 3:00pm on:

  • Tuesday, 14/05/2024

  • Wednesday, 15/05/2024

  • Thursday, 16/05/2024

A free, return shuttle service will leave the trade fair centre at 2:30pm. The live demo will take approximately 1 hour. Attendees will be back at the trade fair centre by 5:15pm.

Secure your spot now – the number of places is limited!

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Press articles and contact person

Press articles and contact person

You can find our current and relevant press articles right here:

UNTHA PR Roth 1 Hero
enero 30º 2024
Neumáticos viejos: trituración, reciclaje y reutilización

ROTH International tritura neumáticos usados utilizando la UNTHA XR3000C mobil-e, que produce material de salida para la pirólisis, el reciclaje y la producción de combustibles alternativos.

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UNTHA PR Breitsamer Bild 1 Print
enero 16º 2024
Sistema de corte RC: Pretriturado de diversos materiales

La empresa Breitsamer Entsorgung & Recycling GmbH utiliza la XR3000 de UNTHA con el sistema de corte RC para triturar diversos materiales como restos de madera, residuos voluminosos y residuos mixtos de la construcción.

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septiembre 12º 2023
Residuos de púlper: residuo complicado, material valioso

La trituración de los residuos de púlper es un paso muy importante para poder reutilizar los materiales contenidos. La empresa Laakirchen Papier AG utiliza para ello una XR3000C mobil-e de UNTHA.

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marzo 16º 2023
Destrucción de documentos en Regens Wagner con UNTHA

Destrucción de documentos con certificación DIN-66399: los talleres de Regens-Wagner en Dillingen a. d. Donau destruyen unas 220 toneladas de documentos al año, en conformidad con el RGPD, utilizando una RS40 de UNTHA.

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PR FCC Austria Hero
noviembre 3º 2022
FCC Austria confía en las trituradoras de UNTHA desde hace 20 años

La trituradora ZR2400 para fracción gruesa es la ganadora de las pruebas del proveedor de servicios de residuos: la trituradora de 2 ejes es especialmente robusta y ahorra anualmente hasta 90.000 euros en costes de electricidad.

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