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- Trouble-free drive concept
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Post shredder waste RDF SRF | TR class

Reliable post-shredder for secondary fuel recycling with very high throughput

The reliable TR series was specifically designed for re-shredding fractions with high calorific value and is mainly used for secondary fuel processing. The TR is a high-performance RDF/SRF shredder that also generates high-quality end fractions in addition to having high throughput performance.

This re-shredder contains quite a bit of smart technology to increase your company's outputand the quality of your alternative fuel. The large rotary shear diameter of 1,100 mm enables a large perforated screen surface thereby providing high throughput performance. In addition, this re-shredder comes standard with a frequency transformer that regulates the rotor speed thereby optimizing the throughput performance. 

The low TR series operating costs are a direct result of the low maintenance costs and the very long service life. Long maintenance intervals, short replacement time for cutting tools and an automatic central lubrication system render this re-shredder particularly low maintenance. Another highlight of this RDF/SRF shredder is its automatic foreign objects hatch. When foreign objects are pulled into the machine, the hatch opens automatically and prevents damage to the cutting unit.

Our experienced project engineers will be happy to help you plan and implement your project.


TR series applications:

  • Pre-shredded household waste
  • Pre-shredded industrial and commercial waste
  • Pre-processed plastic bales and plastic film
  • Plastic waste from automobile dismantling
  • Packing materials
  • and many more. 

More details available below in the downloads section!

Single-shaft shredding system

The TR machine's cutting system was designed for the economically efficient recycling of fractions with a high calorific value. The large rotor and the special design of the machine housing allows the rotor to independently pull in material and shred it by pushing it against the cutting bars. The perforated screen achieves fraction sizes from 80 mm to 30 mm.

Reference: Binn Group Iain Taylor (Head of Operations)

“You might expect a shredder as advanced as the TR to prove expensive to run, but this is not the case at all. This is an incredibly innovative yet cost effective solution which delivers a very impressive output for our fast-paced business.”

Reference: SITA UK Tim Hughs (Strategic Developement Manager)

“The new plant enables us to offer our customers with a recycling solution which is cost effective and avoids the use of landfill. It’s also great to see that the SRF we will be producing will stay and be put to good use in the Midlands area.”

Reference: Panda Brian Bolger (Plant Manager)

"At Panda we decided to choose the UNTHA TR shredder as
our first choice for our SRF plant, because the time difference
to replace wear parts was much quicker than other
high speed shredders in the same application. This leaves
us with less downtime and was the main reason for first
choosing the UNTHA TR. Since our first order we have bought
five TR machines from UNTHA, we are very happy with the reliability and
performance of the machines."

Reference: Cementos Progreso, S.A Nancy Chacón (Site Manager)

"UNTHA has done an excellent job from the design of the
plant, the importation, installation of the post shredder
TR3200 and finally during this process of learning how
to use it. At all small inconvenience that appeared, we
always reached a fast and capable answer and support
from UNTHA. Thank you very much, we hope to continue
having a good relationship between both companies."


We don't let anything burn. In terms of fire protection and fire-extinguishing systems, we rely on the expertise of leading providers of fire-extinguishing systems. A camera monitors the discharge conveyor belt and is able to activate the fire-extinguishing system within milliseconds in the event of spark formation.

We offer different hopper shapes that are exactly adapted to your infeed type. Regardless of which side your shredder feeds from – we will always be able to offer a suitable solution.

We offer suitable infeed, discharge and incline conveyor belts for our shredding machines, thereby ensuring smooth material transport.


We recommend that our customers use a control room to protect the electric control. Thanks to the positive pressure, the electric control cabinet and the frequency transformer are protected against dirt and dust, which increases their service life and minimizes their vulnerability.

A service platform provides you with an easy, secure and ergonomic access to the machine in the event of servicing or maintenance.