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in this first edition of the UNTHA Journal in 2017, you will be informed on the following:

  • The waste management company Breitsamer Entsorgung introduces the XR-class for its waste wood treatment plant
  • XR mobil-e: UNTHA’s mobile shredder goes global 
  • UNTHA optimises WtE production and metal recycling at Turkish paper mill
  • We pay a visit to you – put our mobile shredder to the test


The waste management company Breitsamer Entsorgung introduces the XR-class for its waste wood treatment plant

UNTHA’s mobile shredder goes global

Earlier this year, renowned engineering specialist UNTHA launched the world’s first electrically-driven mobile shredder.

The machine was met with great acclaim when it was first unveiled at the IFAT exhibition in Munich, before the summer. But after a nine month research and development project, followed by extensive trials, it was the XR mobil-e’s official introduction to the market that would really matter.

Fast forward to the end of 2016 and UNTHA’s newest waste shredding solution has proven it is more than just hype. Two machines have been sold to customers in Italy for example, Ragn-Sells is using the XR mobil-e to shred waste wood in Norway, there’s another sale in Spain, two in the UK for waste wood and C&I waste, and Breitsamer is already utilising the shredder in Germany.

Commenting on the rapid interest in this machine, UNTHA’s head of the waste business unit Peter Streinik said: “We set a high standard for our waste division, when we launched the static XR back in 2014. The machine’s ability to produce a high quality Solid Recovered Fuel (SRF) in a single pass, with double the output of competing machines, yet half the energy consumption, changed the face of the Waste to Energy market.  Within two years, the XR had been sold throughout Europe, the USA and South East Asia. The XR mobil-e therefore had a tough act to follow.

“However, in only a matter of months, the XR mobil-e looks set to be equally as prolific. We have demonstration machines in operation throughout Europe, which are giving our sales team plenty of ongoing proposals to develop.

“I think 2017 will be a pivotal year for waste shredding. The market is opening up with greater investment and increased appreciation for the role that alternative fuel can play within the global energy agenda. But operators are still pressed to manufacture more, for less, without compromising quality or the environment. The XR mobil-e and the static equivalent will prove key to this.”

With the same design features as the internationally acclaimed static XR, the mobile solution provides customers with identical benefits – high throughputs, low operating costs, energy efficiency, low noise, foreign object protection and ease of maintenance. Yet it is the first machine of its kind to shred with a low power electric drive and, thanks to its on-board auxiliary power pack, it can be easily moved around a facility and plugged back in.

UNTHA optimises WtE production and metal recycling at Turkish paper mill

The single step XR3000C has transformed Modern Enerji’s approach to metal recycling, at the same time as boosting the production of Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF).

The XR installation came about when Modern Enerji – part of Eren Holdings – sought a more effective technique for shredding its high calorific material stream.

The team had been processing pulper ropes from the neighbouring paper mill, operated by sister-company and Turkey’s largest corrugated fibreboard producer, Modern Karton. When handled effectively, pulper rope waste provides a perfect RDF feedstock. However, this notoriously complex bi-product of paper manufacturing is not easy to shred, and insufficient technology was holding Modern Enerji back.

The XR3000C – a single-step RDF shredder – has therefore replaced two dual-shaft machines that had previously struggled to separate metals from the multifarious blend of plastics and paper.

With a three metre cutting chamber and two knife rows, the XR can now handle six tonnes of pulper ropes and 10 tonnes of pre-shredder paper reject per hour. The result, in one sophisticated operation, is the newfound production of a high quality, 50mm RDF for Modern Enerji’s own power generation, and the segregation and extraction of saleable metals for recycling. 

Commenting on the project, UNTHA’s waste to energy specialist Andreas Neureiter said: “Modern Enerji is one of Turkey’s most renowned brands when it comes to sustainable thinking and environmentally progressive electricity generation. It’s therefore no surprise that, at the same time as producing power for the country, the team is constantly evaluating how to improve the efficiency of their waste handling, recycling and alternative fuel production.

“They first approached us for a secondary shredder that could help clean the metal out of their processed pulper ropes. But our response was, why run two or more machines, when you can achieve your desired output in a single step? We invited them to trial our technology in Austria, using an equivalent material stream, and the results proved our concept.”

Commissioned in late spring, the XR has now been operational in this northwestern city of Corlu for four months, and is projected to handle 45,000 tonnes of waste per year.

We pay a visit to you

Did you know we offer the ability for you to test our waste and wood processing shredders on your own premises? Generally, the test period is five days. It can, however, be extended as needed. During this test period a member of our technical staff will permanently be on site to take care of the entire process and also change screens if required. Test are only available in Europe!

For questions on the XR-class, the test procedure or to make an appointment please contact us via phone:
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