UNTHA’s turnkey package supports Avanti’s expansion into Waste to Energy market

Kuchl, 01.08.2016

Avanti Environmental is no stranger to the recycling and waste management sector. The business has been trading for more than 20 years...


UNTHA staff spotlight - Richard Kendler

Kuchl, 26.07.2016

Richard Kendler isn’t just a shredding expert. He knows a thing or two about skydiving too, as we find out in this latest employee spotlight…


UNTHA staff spotlight - Andreas Senkbeil

Kuchl, 11.07.2016

Andreas Senkbeil, one of UNTHA’s newest team members, talks of his global travels and the opportunity to solve clients’ waste challenges on a truly worldwide scale…


The new QR series: problem-free shredding of recyclable materials

Kuchl, 05.07.2016

UNTHA is expanding its product range and is set to launch a new generation of extremely reliable, versatile high-performance single-shaft shredders: the QR series. The product is all about the problem-free shredding of recyclable materials.


Is there a best practice alternative fuel production process for the cement industry?

Kuchl, 12.06.2016

With such a fragmented waste landscape across the globe, is it possible to create a best practice waste to energy process to feed alternative fuel to the cement industry? That was the question that international journal ‘World Cement’ put to Peter Streinik, UNTHA’s Head of Business Unit Waste, a few weeks ago.


UNTHA staff spotlight – Christian Lanner

Kuchl, 25.05.2016

Christian Lanner talks all things technical before considering the best way to recharge his brain…


UNTHA XR shredder boosts capacity of German SRF specialist

Kuchl, 17.05.2016

One of the most experienced alternative fuel producers in Germany – Lober GmbH & Co. Abfallentsorgungs KG – has invested in the UNTHA XR3000C waste shredder to optimize its SRF plant.


Shredders installed at one of Finland’s largest waste-to-energy plant

Kuchl, 21.04.2016

UNTHA has installed a robust shredding system at a new facility in Leppävirta, Finland, as one of the country’s biggest waste-to-energy power plant edges another step closer to completion.


UNTHA shredding technology presents new opportunities for wood recycling and biomass sector

Kuchl, 01.04.2016

A new electric-drive shredder designed and engineered by Austrian headquartered UNTHA, is set to increase capacity, profitability and safety levels in the pioneering wood recycling and biomass market.


Wood shredding for biomass – the ‘performance vs safety’ debate

Kuchl, 22.03.2016

In the modern resource sector, biomass producers are constantly pressured to work ever-smarter, to the point that the ‘performance vs safety’ battle can become hard to manage.