WEEE recycler takes delivery of fourth UNTHA shredder

Poland, 18.12.2020

Waste electric and electronic equipment (WEEE) specialist Polska Korporacja Recyklingu – based in Lublin (Poland) – has taken delivery of its fourth UNTHA shredder, to support the company with its continued growth.


New waste shredder transforms co-processing capabilities of Geocycle Argentina

Argentina, 09.12.2020

An UNTHA XR3000C mobil-e shredder is now in operation at Geocycle’s co-processing facility in Córdoba, Argentina, as the innovative waste handler continues to progress towards a zero-waste future.


With UNTHA shredding technology, Metran gets the best out of rigid plastics compounds

Austria, 24.11.2020

The good news: Just because a Bobby Car is broken does not mean that it has reached the end of its life. In fact, it will be used to manufacture a new Bobby Car or plastics parts, thanks to the optimised breakdown of the composite materials for further sorting. Among other things, Metran Aufbereitungsges.m.b.H. in Kematen an der Ybbs/Lower Austria specialises in the processing of rigid plastics, a fairly new waste collection category. In the XR3000C shredder by UNTHA, the company has found the perfect solution for single-phase shredding.


Revive IT supercharges confidential waste capabilities with new UNTHA recycling technology

UK, 10.11.2020

A new confidential waste shredder has been commissioned at Revive IT’s headquarters in Leeds, as the national computer recycler prepares to double in size in 2021.


The extremely robust RC cutting system for the XR series

Austria, 13.10.2020

With the RC cutting system for the XR series, UNTHA has developed an innovative cutter geometry with improved infeed characteristics that enables a high throughput and a highly homogeneous output material. The robust cutting chamber is designed for the pre-shredding of particularly bulky materials and materials with a high content of non-shreddable items.


UNTHA XR targeted to recycle one million mattresses at new Textek facility

United Kingdom, 04.09.2020

Following 18 months of research, design and development, an automated mattress recycling line is now in full operation at Textek. And now all eyes are on a target to recycle one million end-of-life mattresses at the facility in 2020, thanks to two UNTHA XR3000C shredders that lie at its heart.


XR3000C mobil-e is in operation at Korn Recycling

Germany, 27.08.2020

Korn Recycling operates one of the world’s most advanced commercial waste sorting and alternative fuel processing plants in Albstadt/Baden-Württemberg, Germany. For more than two years, this specialist waste management plant has been using UNTHA’s high-performance, solution-orientated XR3000C mobil-e for the recycling of residual wood and tyres.


Klaus Timber is investing in the powerful LR1400

Czech Republic, 25.08.2020

Klaus Timber a.s. is one of the largest manufacturers of wooden pallets in the Czech Republic. Following an expansion of its production, the company has invested in another high-performance wood shredder from UNTHA shredding technology. The LR1400 is used to recycle the company’s residual solid wood.


LR1000 can cope even with large profiles of residual wood

Austria, 04.08.2020

Holzbau Gerstenmayer is a timber construction company based in Karlstetten in Lower Austria. Business has grown steadily in recent years, as have the company’s residual wood volumes. For this reason, the company has invested in an LR1000 shredder by UNTHA shredding technology.


UNTHA develops intelligent monitoring tools for its shredders

Austria, 27.07.2020

With UNTHA GENIUS, UNTHA is giving its customers an innovative tool for monitoring the condition of their shredders on an ongoing basis. Using reliable sensor technology, this intelligent monitoring system processes all data in real time, alerts users of deviations and sends decision support directly to a smartphone, tablet or PC. The principle behind it? Knowledge is power!