RS50 for the shredding of conductor boards

France, 02.02.2021

WEEECycling is considered one of Europe’s leading businesses for the extraction of high-purity metals from electric and electronic devices. The main task of this recycling specialist is to turn waste, fractions and production waste into precious raw materials. Founder Serge Kimbel has more than 15 years' experience with environmental management in state-of-the-art sectors (semiconductors, ultrapure water) in more than 20 countries. With this expertise and a team consisting of 40 highly qualified engineers and technicians, WEEECycling develops environmentally friendly solutions that extract fine metals – even in traces – from a range of waste materials. The company was looking for a new solution for shredding conductor boards from electric and electronic devices, as their existing solution was unable to deliver the particle size required for further treatment in a pyrometallurgical furnace. 

Decision in favour of the RS50

The company had a clear picture of what the new solution had to deliver: “The shredder is part of an innovative process that helps us offer a complete treatment of the electronic conductor board material. The pre-shredding has to be done in such a way that precious metals may be extracted at the end of the process in the pyrometallurgical furnace”, is how Serge Kimbel explains the challenges the shredder would face. Due to its high level of reliability and throughput as well as the possibility of adjusting the particle size so that they would fit the exact requirements, the decision was made in favour of an RS50 shredder from UNTHA.

High reliability and optimal particle size

In concrete terms, the company purchased an RS50 with a cutting unit width of 960 mm and a rated capacity of 2x25 kW. A 25 mm-perforated screen ensures a throughput of 1.5 to 2 tonnes per hour for conductor boards. Thanks to the integrated quick-change screen system, the perforated screen is easy and quick to exchange, which further increases plant availability. The company also praised the machine’s robustness and homogeneous fraction size, which ensures the seamless implementation of its processes.

UNTHA RS four-shaft-shredder for tough applications

Our sophisticated four-shaft shredders in the RS class are tested to within an inch of their life and are characterised by their outstanding reliability, insensitivity to non-shreddables and broad application range. Thanks to their robust structure and powerful, resilient cutting system, these shredders are particularly suitable for multi-shift, permanent operation. Unlike fast-running systems, the shredders of the RS class are particularly resistant to non-shreddables.