Environmentally friendly waste treatment with the UNTHA XR mobil-e

Kuchl, 29.11.2017

Following a successful testing phase, a mobile shredder from UNTHA shredding technology was installed at Struber Entsorgung GmbH. The decision, in favour of UNTHA’s XR mobil-e model, was down to the unique combination of an energy-efficient power unit, mobility and flexibility during the processing of different flows of materials.

The subject of electro mobility is booming; funding, research and politics rely heavily on this sector. Struber Entsorgung GmbH also appreciates the importance of this topic. The medium-sized family business deals with services in the field of waste management and disposal, recycling, street cleaning, demolition and earthworks.

The first UNTHA XR mobil-e waste shredder in Austria recently went into operation at Struber. The mobile shredder offers the company maximum flexibility when processing different materials. Thus, various waste materials such as industrial waste, scrap wood, green waste and root stumps can be processed with just one machine. The treated end results are then supplied to Austrian operators for further recycling into new products and to be used thermally as a substitute fuel.

Johann Struber, Managing Director of Struber Entsorgung, had this to say: “We have the first UNTHA XR mobil-e in operation in Austria. In contrast to conventional diesel-powered shredders which –  in addition to creating a high level of noise emission – result in disproportionately high pollutant emissions, the XR mobil-e shredder runs purely on electricity and is almost carbon neutral, as the electricity comes from 100% renewable energy sources. That means we have taken another important step towards reducing carbon dioxide emissions!”

At Struber, the XR mobil-e operates at two different locations on the premises. Thanks to the integrated mobile device, the shredder can be transferred effortlessly to any desired position within an operating area and connected to the power supply via a quick-release fastener.

The mobile electromechanical shredding system is extremely energy efficient, quiet and can be used universally. Thanks to the new quick-change screen system, the perforated screen can be replaced quickly and with minimum effort, thus ensuring minimum machine downtime.

In addition to the XR mobil-e, a stationary UNTHA XR and TR have also been installed at the Kuchler disposal business. Aside from shredding and producing alternative fuels of different quality requirements, the machine also offers the possibility to process scrap wood, green waste and root stumps!

“We also offer interested companies the opportunity to receive an on-site demonstration, which enables them to test the XR mobil-e with their own specific materials,” stated Daniel Wresnik, Sales Manager at UNTHA.

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