UNTHA Service Fahrzeug und Mitarbeiter

UNTHA service products for maximum reliability

With UNTHA Lifetime Support, we will support you for the product’s whole lifecycle and offer you comprehensive service products to ensure the highest possible availability of the machine. From regular maintenance work to the supply of original spare and wear parts or our individual carefree
packages, we make sure that UNTHA machines are ready for use at all times and do what they were made to do – shred reliably.

Contact UNTHA Lifetime Support

Telefon: +43 6244 7016 418

E-Mail: service@untha.com

To be able to process your order fast and properly, we would ask you to please have the  following information ready:

  • Serial number
  • Machine type
  • Hours of operation
  • Serial number of components
    (if applicable)
  • Year of manufacture
UNTHA Service Helpline employee

Our service products From set-up to regular inspection, we take care of the entire machine life cycle!