Tyre and rubber

Our shredding systems produce tyre chips or granulates from the hardest rubber and scrap tyres for your requirements. Whether the granulate is intended for pyrolysis, hydrolysis or incineration – we customise it to fit your exact requirements.

Rubber waste, and scrap tyres in particular, are a major problem worldwide. Every year, around one billion used tyres need to be disposed of, with the lion’s share being dumped in landfill sites. This is not just damaging to the environment, but also lets the economic potential go to waste that is harboured in these tyres.

In addition to thermal recovery for tyre-derived fuels that are used in cement plants, material recovery is becoming increasingly important for the economical and ecological handling of tyres.

Main hurdle: multi-phase processing

A common hurdle when processing waste tyres and rubber is that multi-phase processing requires fairly high investment costs. In addition, waste products such as scrap tyres, conveyor belts, rubberised chains or production waste often contain extraneous matter (such as metal) that needs to be separated. This makes a recycling facility of this sort fairly expensive.

Economical UNTHA shredders for tyres and rubber

With our machines for shredding scrap tyres and other rubber waste, we have created a highly economical solution. On the one hand, our shredders are predestined for single-phase shredding. On the other, the running costs are kept low.

  • The long and short of it is that a single shredder is sufficient for shredding the material in question, which greatly reduces investment costs.
  • Thanks to the electromechanical drive concept, operating costs may be reduced by up to 75% compared with diesel-powered machines.

Another advantage is the robustness and performance strength of our shredders – both indispensable factors for extracting usable raw materials from the input material.

With the XR class, we have a high-performance, single-shaft shredder on offer that shreds scrap tyres from passenger cars and trucks in a single-phase process, with a throughput of 7 t/h and a granulate size of < 50 mm. These tyre chips are particularly well suited for thermal recovery in cement plants. Thanks to a magnet-based separator, ferrous wire and steel meshes are separated immediately and may be processed in turn.

2-phase processing yields granulates of < 25 mm. As this machine is also available as a mobile shredder, it may be used flexibly within the site.

Our 4-shaft technology is particularly recommended for processing production waste made of synthetic and natural rubber. These shredders are known for their outstanding performance and are easy to integrate into existing facilities thanks to their compact design. This means that pre- and post-shredding may be handled in a single, highly economical step.

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The number of used tyres grows every year. These can be recycled to recover materials or produce energy. Thanks to our sturdy rotary shears, we are able to offer efficient shredders for the processing of your old tyres.

A shedding machine must be more powerful with increasing tyre diameter. We offer very powerful and sturdy rotary shears in the form of two-shaft or four-shaft systems for shredding your old tyres.

Production waste, defective batches, and sprues are usually milled after having been pre-shredded. We offer shredding systems that are customised to your application for reliably pre-shredding rubber materials.

Hoses with fabric lining or production rejects are separated into their original materials through shredding with subsequent sorting. This process provides the foundation for efficient recycling. Our shredding machines are thus a valuable basis for economically processing your production waste.

Recommended shredding machines


RS50-100 Industrial shredder
Power [kW]: 44 - 150
Cutting chamber width [mm]: - 1.500


RS150 heavy duty industrial shredder  | UNTHA
Power [kW]: 180 - 312
Cutting chamber width [mm]: 1.500


Static waste shredder RDF SRF | XR3000
Power [kW]: 65 - 264
Cutting chamber width [mm]: 1.960/2.960

XR mobil-e

Power [kW]: 113 - 264
Cutting chamber width [mm]: 2.960