The reliable brand! 30 Years UNTHA 4-shaft cutting system PATENTED UNTHA FOUR-SHAFT CUTTING SYSTEM: When conventional shredding systems fail

THE OPTIMUM SOLUTION FOR EVERY APPLICATION Our modular system allows customizing of machine sizes, rotational speed, torques, cutting chambers, cutting systems, screens, sealing versions etc. according to the customers individual requirements. Furthermore we offer holistic shredding solutions from input material to final product. THE PROCESS OF SOLUTION-FINDING Evaluation sheet for shredding solution Detailed research on the solution Feasibility check Solution possible? NO Tests and trials Solution possible? YES Solution possible? YES YES YES Rejection Technical offer NO Special design/ Additional features NO NO Preparation of design plans Commercial offer Offer

MAXIMUM RELIABILITY FOR tough applications UNTHA 4-shaft shredders have been tried and tested a thousandfold under tough operating conditions. They are characterized by their high reliability, resistance to non-shreddable items as well as their wide range of applications. Their sturdy design as well as their strong and resistant cutting system perfectly qualifies this shredding system for multi-shift continuous operation. More that 9,000 shredders in daily operation speak in our favour! TYPICAL APPLICATIONS • Wood • Plastics • Documents and data • Metals • Electronic scrap (WEEE) • Hazardous waste • Paper and cardboard • Organic waste • Tyres and rubber

Tried, tested and proved TECHNOLOGY - universal application Renowned customers from all over the world have long since realized the many advantages of this innovative technology. The material to be shredded is drawn into the main cutters 1 and is both pre-shredded and re-shredded in a single pass. Material that does not pass through the screen 2 at once is transferred upwards by the secondary cutters‘ teeth 3 for re-shredding. The final granule size is defined by the screen diameter. quality feature Slow-running cutting system Low-wear cutting system Simple and compact design No hydraulics required *) with UNTHA cutting system overhaul service BENEFIT > high resistance against non-shreddable items and long service life of the machine > low dust generation and vibrations > risk of fire nearly excluded > very high life-expectancy, up to 11,000 operating hours* > low maintenance requirements > high availability > easy integration into a plant > low maintenance costs > little space requirements > high resistance against failures > highly reduced maintenance expenditures > reduced energy consumption 3 2 % 100 al gin Ori 4- s THA gy UN nolo tech t f ha 1 3

rs30 rs50 rs40 4-shaft shredding system 4-shaft shredding system rs 60 4-shaft shredding system rs150 rs100 4-shaft shredding system 4-shaft shredding system 4-shaft shredding system Unit RS30 RS40 RS50 RS60 RS100 RS150 Drive power kW 22 30/37/44 44 60/74 110/150 4*78/4*45 Throughput* kg/h up to 1.000 up to 2.000 up to 3.000 up to 5.000 up to 8.000 up to 12.000 technical data *) Indicated throughput values are rough values. These depend on input material, configuration of cutting system, screen size and machine design.

The reliable brand! FIRST-CLASS REFERENCES AROUND THE GLOBE Leading companies put their trust in the reliable UNTHA brand. Here is a small choice of our international customers: UNTHA shredding technology Kellau 141 A-5431 Kuchl / Salzburg, Austria Tel +43 6244 7016 0 Fax +43 6244 7016 1 All revisions reserved. Subject to setting and printing errors. All illustrations are representative and may deviate from the actual product. © 04/14 UNTHA shredding technology