UNTHA - The brand for reliable industrial shredders

Our Vision

In shredding technology, we are the leader in quality on the markets and regions actively worked by us and give our customers economic benefits with our reliable products and services as well as our unrivalled innovative strength and efficiency in providing solutions.

Our Mission

For more than 40 years, we have been the reliable and competent partner
in shredding technology. On the basis of cutting-edge technology
and highly qualified staff, we develop and produce innovative and
custom-made shredding solutions for individual tasks.

Fields of Expertise

In order to meet our customers' requirements at our best, we offer shredding solutions for timber, waste and individual applications. Our experienced customer service experts ensure our machines remain reliable over the entire span of the product life cycle.

Factors of Success

Our success not only foots on our reliable products and services but also on the following four main pillars: the innovative strength of our internal research and development department, the problem-solving skills of our fully-fledged application engineers, quality awareness due to our perfected quality management and service readiness thanks to our global service network.

Our Positioning

One of UNTHA shredding technology's crucial factors of success is the verifiably high reliability of our products and services, which our customers around the world have come to value. For this reason, the notion of reliability plays a central role in UNTHA's new brand image. This new positioning is expressed by our slogan "The reliable brand!".

Capability Statement

Our value proposition is an indispensible working tool in our corporate identity and helps us to demonstrate our services, success factors and core competences in a uniform manner.


Upon the request of a local groceries store owner in the early 1980s, Mr. Anton Unterwurzacher started to develop a machine for shredding wooden and cardboard boxes. Thereupon, the pioneer in shredding technology designed the world's first four-shaft system with screen and was granted a patent for his invention in 1984.