CUTTING CONCEPTS RIPPER SYSTEM Depending on the material and fraction size two different cutting concepts are available: >> Ripper teeth that can be used twice >> Stator teeth that can be used once The ripper and stator teeth can be welded on the outside of the machine after the end of the service life. The ripper system, as well as the cutter system with internal pusher. The rotors are protected from wear by welded-on Hardox plates. CUTTER SYSTEM With both cutting systems, fraction sizes of 400 mm to 30 mm are possible. Depending on the material property and screen diameter, the throughput performance is between 10 t/h and 70 t/h. >> Indexable cutters that can be used four times >> Stator bars that can be used four times RIPPER SYSTEM CUTTER SYSTEM Fraction size [mm] 400 100 120 30 3