Your advantages at a glance Magnetic separator (optional) Internal ram device A Ensures continuous material in- height-adjustable magnetic separator on the discharge con- feed for machines equipped with veyor belt removes ferrous parts a „cutter“ cutting system. from the material stream. Discharge system The shredding machine is equipped with a horizontal conveyor belt and a hydraulic height-adjustable elevated conveyor belt. Removal system for non-shreddable items The removal system for non-shreddable items enables easy and quick removal of foreign objects. All service and maintenance work can be performed in an upright position. Predefined fraction size Exchangeable screen bars and screens enable homogeneous fraction sizes between 400 mm and 30 mm. Crawler unit A small petrol-powered engine propels the crawler-type undercarriage which makes it possible for the machine to move around easily and independently. It is operated by remote control. 4