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The revolution: Mobile electromechanical shredding system for efficient waste processing The new XR3000 mobil-e is a revolutionary machine concept in mobile waste shredding. It capitalises on many benefits of an electromechanical drive without having to forego the advantages of a mobile machine. This gives you maximum efficiency and flexibility. Just like the world-renowned static XR shredder, the XR mobil-e is also equipped with an energy-efficient UNTHA Eco Drive. This ensures that your operating costs are minimised and that throughput rate and material quality are maximised. The key feature: Unlike traditional energy-guzzling, noisy mobile machines that are harmful to the environment, the XR mobil-e is equipped with a cost-saving, eco-friendly drive. Thus, your employees and your neighbours as well as the environment benefit from this feature in addition to the economic advantages that it brings. Tip: Explanatory video A short video explains more about the XR mobil-e’s benefits, functions and range of applications. Enjoy it! Mobility is ensured through a reliable crawler-type undercarriage in combination with a small petrol-powered engine. The XR mobil-e can be easily moved to any spot via remote control. With an extensive range of interchangeable screens and cutters, the shredder can be configured according to the customer’s output specification. For example, a consistent 30 mm particle or a 400 mm particle size are both achievable, as is anything in between. This means the XR mobil-e can shred bulky, MSW, C&I, C&D or wood waste with ease, to produce a homogenous alternative fuel for the waste to energy, cement, gasification or biomass markets. In addition, a height-adjustable discharge conveyor belt and an optionally available magnetic separator give you everything you need for an efficiently operating mobile shredding system. Universal and flexible! Capable of achieving numerous alternative fuel production specifications, this shredder will increase your throughputs, reduce operating costs and achieve greater plant flexibility through the investment of just one, moveable capital asset. Applications Industrial and commercial waste • Household waste • Bulky waste • Waste bales • Demolition wood • Mixed construction site waste • Hazardous waste • Carpets • and many more. • 2

PLUG - SHRED - MOVE Connect the shredding machine to the power supply. From that point the shredding process is driven by the energy- and cost-efficient UNTHA Eco Drive. CUTTING CONCEPTS Depending on the material and fraction size two different cutting concepts are available: The ripper system, as well as the cutter system with internal pusher. The rotors are protected from wear by welded-on Hardox plates. With both cutting systems, fraction sizes of 400 mm to 30 mm are possible. Depending on the material property and screen diameter, the throughput performance is up to 70 t/h. When switching locations, the machine must be disconnected from the power supply. Thanks to the crawler-type undercarriage which is propelled by a small petrol-powered engine, the XR mobil-e can be easily moved to any spot via remote control. CUTTER-SYSTEM >> Indexable cutters that can be used four times >> Stator bars that can be used four times RIPPER-SYSTEM As soon as the desired position has been reached the machine can be plugged back into the power supply and will continue to shred efficiently and cost-effectively. >> Ripper teeth that can be used twice >> Stator teeth that can be used once The ripper and stator teeth can be welded on the outside of the machine after the end of the service life. 3

Your advantages at a glance Magnetic separator (optional) Internal ram device A Ensures continuous material in- height-adjustable magnetic separator on the discharge con- feed for machines equipped with veyor belt removes ferrous parts a „cutter“ cutting system. from the material stream. Discharge system The shredding machine is equipped with a horizontal conveyor belt and a hydraulic height-adjustable elevated conveyor belt. Removal system for non-shreddable items The removal system for non-shreddable items enables easy and quick removal of foreign objects. All service and maintenance work can be performed in an upright position. Predefined fraction size Exchangeable screen bars and screens enable homogeneous fraction sizes between 400 mm and 30 mm. Crawler unit A small petrol-powered engine propels the crawler-type undercarriage which makes it possible for the machine to move around easily and independently. It is operated by remote control. 4

Additional highlights Cutting system > 1-step shredding solution The “cutter“ or “ripper“ cutting Practical comprehensive solution for single-step system ensures high material quality with a low share of fines Hopper shredding with discharge conveyor belt and and a high throughput rate at the Depending on the infeed type it is possible to use a three-sid- optional magnetic separator. same time. ed hopper for filling with a wheel-loader or a four-sided hopper for higher filling volume and filling with handling equipment. > Low noise and exhaust emissions Suitable for both indoor and outdoor operation, this quiet machine protects operator wellbeing and ensures minimal community disruption. Water-cooling The UNTHA Eco Drive, the hydraulics system and the control cabinets are cooled by a water cooling system. The cooler is easily accessible and can be swung out for cleaning. Extended operating hours are therefore possible and planning issues are averted. > Low maintenance costs The need for operating materials such as hydraulic oil or filters is minimal. The cutting tools can be re-used several times and have a long service life. UNTHA Eco Drive The electromechanical drive system with synchronous motors is compelling with its low operating costs. Thanks to the low rotor speed the drive units are resistant to non-shreddable items. > Remote maintenance In the event of a machine fault an UNTHA technician can access the machine via remote maintenance and will be able to support you during fault removal. > High availability of spare parts Cost-effective spare parts packages are available. > Maintenance inspection contract (optional) Simple operation The machine is optionally operated via the integrated 7“ multifunctional touch display or via re- To maximise the ongoing operation of your waste shredder, you could invest in the routine service and maintenance expertise of our experienced engineers. mote control. 5

Xr mobil-e 1-shaft shredding system TECHNICAL DATA Xr3000C Xr3000R 1 x 113 | 2 x 65 | 2 x 113 Drive power (valid for all types) kW Hydraulic power kW 11 11 Ø Rotor mm 1,000 1,000 Rotor speed rpm 0 - 35 0 - 22 t appr. 37 appr. 36 Weight 1690 11460 2950 12170 Transport dimensions (L/B/H): 12170/2950/3350 All dimensions in mm. 6 *With an attached hopper 3805* 3350 3690 Filling height 2640 2960

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