The reliable brand! xr Slow-running 1-shaft shredder for the coarse and medium shredding of waste XR2000C, XR2000R, XR3000C, XR3000R 1

FUNCTION AND DESIGN THE CLEVER WASTE SHREDDER With minimal operating costs and maximum performance, the XR is by far the most innovative waste shredder in the global marketplace. With a completely new drive concept, „UNTHA Eco Drive“ guarantees up to 50 % less energy consumption in comparison to conventional electro-hydraulic drive options. Through the use of modern synchronous motors a maximum efficiency factor is achieved, making the UNTHA Eco Drive one of the most energy-efficient drive systems on the market. In addition, the maintenance costs can be reduced to a minimum, because coupling, belts, hydraulic pumps and shaft stubs are not required. In order to meet individual customer requirements, the new XR series can be equipped with a „ripper or cutter system“. In combination with the patented XR screen bar system or with the different screen versions, this enables defined fraction sizes from 400 mm to 30 mm. RIPPER SYSTEM During the shredding process the input material is independently gripped by the exchangeable ripper teeth of the rotor 1 and shredded against the stator bar 2 . The size of the final fraction is defined through the adjustable screen bars 3 . This guarantees maximum flexibility in determining the final fraction. 2 1 CUTTER SYSTEM During the shredding process the internal pusher 4 presses the material against the rotor 5 that is equipped with exchangeable indexable cutters. After the rotor has gripped the material, it is shredded against the stator bar 6 . With the aid of the different screens 7 , the size of the final fraction is defined. Fraction sizes of 30 mm are therefore not a problem. 4 5 XR 3D-VIEW APPLICATION Look at the clever waste shredder from all sides; take a look inside the machine. For this, simply install the mobile XR app on your smartphone or your tablet computer, open the app and capture the title page of this brochure with the camera. You can find the download link for the XR app on our website: Enjoy it! 2 3 7 6 A SELECTION OF IMPLEMENTED APPLICATIONS Industrial and commercial waste • Household waste • Bulky waste • Waste bales • Demolition wood • Mixed waste from building sites • Hazardous waste • Carpets and rugs • etc. •

CUTTING CONCEPTS RIPPER SYSTEM Depending on the material and fraction size two different cutting concepts are available: >> Ripper teeth that can be used twice >> Stator teeth that can be used once The ripper and stator teeth can be welded on the outside of the machine after the end of the service life. The ripper system, as well as the cutter system with internal pusher. The rotors are protected from wear by welded-on Hardox plates. CUTTER SYSTEM With both cutting systems, fraction sizes of 400 mm to 30 mm are possible. Depending on the material property and screen diameter, the throughput performance is between 10 t/h and 70 t/h. >> Indexable cutters that can be used four times >> Stator bars that can be used four times RIPPER SYSTEM CUTTER SYSTEM Fraction size [mm] 400 100 120 30 3

MORE BENEFITS DUE TO CLEVER TECHNOLOGY Drive system: UNTHA Eco Drive A >> Low energy costs: 45-50 % lower energy consumption in comparison to electro-hydraulic drive options ensure low operating costs >> Low-wear drive concept: Reduces the maintenance costs, because no coupling, belts or shaft stubs are required >> Low noise emission: Noise disruption for the operating personnel is very low >> Resistance to foreign material: Drive concept is resistant to non-shreddable items >> Low maintenance costs: Almost no operating materials such as hydraulic oil or filters are needed. This considerably reduces the maintenance costs >> Load-dependent speed control: Ensures a high throughput capacity Ease of service and maintenance >> Hassle-free maintenance: The clever machine construction enables comfortable, fast and safe working for the operating personnel >> Fast knife change: Slow rotor speed (2 rpm) enables simple and quick knife change >> Commercially available tools: All maintenance and service work can be carried out with commercially available tools and in an upright position B >> Spare parts availability: All important spare parts are always in stock and available within 48 hours >> Remote maintenance package: Fast assistance from UNTHA technicians via remote maintenance D Intelligent and robust machine structure >> System for non-shreddable items C : Ensures rapid removal of foreign materials from the cutting area >> Robust steel frame construction D : Warp resistance and robust special section tubes excel in even the toughest operating conditions, with little vibration >> Different cutting concepts: Ripper and cutter system E for different requirements and materials >> Predefined fraction size: Strainer bars or perforated strainers ensure a homogeneous and definable fraction size >> Internal pushing system: Cutter system with internal pushing system F guarantees a continuous material infeed Compact design >> Integrability: The machine is easy to integrate into existing and new plant concepts >> Low charging height: Machine can be fed, without any problems, with a wheel loader >> Low machine width: Due to the low machine width no special transport is necessary Simple operation A >> Operating terminal: Operation takes place via a 7‘‘ colour touch display G >> Maintenance-free control cabinet: Maintenance-free, dust-proof and sealed Rittal control cabinet ensures reliable operation B 4

C Options >> Motor covers: Protect the drive units from dirt, falling material and damage from handling equipment >> Hopper: 3-sided hopper for feeding with the wheel loader or 4-sided hopper for higher feeding volume and filling using handling equipment >> Control room: Reduces the amount of cleaning required for the air conditioning units by 80 % and increases the service life of the electric components >> Automatic central lubrication: Enables longer maintenance intervals and reduces the servicing required >> Radio remote operation: The machine can be operated in a problem-free way from different positions >> Discharge belt: Ensures simple material discharge >> Signal lamp: Displays the operating status of the machine E F G 5

Xr SERIES 1-shaft shredding system TECHNICAL DATA XR2000C XR2000R XR3000C XR3000R 1 x 65 | 1 x 113 | 2 x 65 | 2 x 113 Drive power (valid for all types) kW Hydraulic power kW 7.5 3.0 7.5 3.0 Ø Rotor mm 1,000 1,000 1,000 1,000 Rotor speed rpm 0 - 35 0 - 22 0 - 35 0 - 22 t appr. 21 appr. 20 appr. 24 appr. 23 t/h 20 50 25 70 Weight Throughput* 1760 2850 C A (single-sided drive) 2160 B (double-sided drive) 6 XR2000C/R XR3000C/R A 4070 5070 B 4880 5880 C 1960 2960 *) depending on: quality of material and diameter of perforated screen All dimensions in mm.

REFERENCE VISITS We would be delighted to organise a visit to one of our reference sites for you. There you would have the chance to see our machines in action and speak to the plant operators about the operational efficiency of this innovative waste shredder. To arrange a reference visit please contact our sales team. 7

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