funcTion and design Reliable Post-shredder for Waste to Energy/SRF The reliable and powerful TR series has been specifically Thanks to the huge diameter of the rotor and the specific geometry of the shredder casing, the rotor 1 is able to pull in the material independently and the waste is pressed against the cutting bars 2 and shredded. The perforated screen 3 determines the size of the final fraction. developed for the post-shredding of fraction with high calorific value and is mainly used in the preparation of secondary fuels. With its high uptime and enormous throughput, the TR series is among the most profitable post-shredding equipment in the world. Some highlights among the many quality features are the quick-change cutting system, highly effective protection from foreign matter and incredibly low operating costs. 1 3 2 a selecTion of implemenTed applicaTions Treated household waste • Treated industrial and commercial waste • Bales of pre-shredded plastics • Pre-shredded plastic film • Plastic waste from vehicle dismantling • Pre-shredded waste from the plastics industry • Packaging materials • etc. • 2